Trident GP3 Series Silverstone Review

Race 2Silverstone Circuit - July, 6th 2014Air Temperature 11° / Track Temperature °


The final result of Race 2 certainly does not correspond with Roman's great performance during the Sprint Race where his racing talent has been underlined. Starting from the 17th position, De Beer was quickly involved from the first lap in a collision with another car which forced his return to the box in order to change the nose of the car which was damaged losing time and positions. Roman restarted pushing to the maximum and right from the first laps was able to highlight his particular fast and dynamic lap pace which put him once again behind. He was almost always the quickest driver on the track and indeed his second last lap he earned the fastest lap.

Final Position: P16Starting Position: P17Best Lap: Lap 14th 1.49.360

DRIVER's QUOTE:"It was a tough weekend but I gained very good experience learning a lot. Lap by lap I began to know the track better and better and I really enjoyed Silverstone and its turns. We will work very hard in order to prepare the race in Germany and I will be back even stronger! Thank you to all for all your continued support".


Unfortunately for the second race of the Silverstone weekend for Victor only last 4 curves of the first lap where he found himself in the middle of a race accident between two cars that he could not avoid. It is truly a pity that Carbone was forced to conclude the weekend above all without being able to accumulate kilometers which are important for his experience growth on European circuits. The entire Team is already concentrated for the next appointments that will see Victor on the Hockenheim and Budapest circuits.

Final Position: OUT at the first lapStarting Position: P23

DRIVER's QUOTE:" I had a very good start again today but going to turn 4 in the first lap some cars got together and I had no where to go. The damages was enough for me to not continue the race. We now look forward to Germany and I hope to have a better result there".