Pastorelli, Ramos win and retake GT Open points lead

The Corvette pair takes fourth win of the season ahead of SRT Corvette of Soulet-Tutumlu

Montermini-Schirò (Villorba Ferrari) 3rd and now 2 points behind in standings

All-Ferrari podium in GTS, with Maleev-Aicart on highest step


It was again a warm afternoon at the Hungaroring, with a superb battle in the final laps which saw Miguel Ramos and Nicky Pastorelli repeating their success of two years ago with their V8 Racing Corvette and clinching their fourth seasonal win. They beat the other Corvette of SRT driven by Isaac Tutumlu-Maxime Soulet and now re-take the lead in the points standings, with only 2 points over Andrea Montermini-Niccolò Schirò (Villorba Ferrari), today 3rd and again on the podium.

Vyacheslav Maleev and José Manuel Pérez-Aicart took victory in GTS (and also in the Gentlemen’s Trophy for the Russian) on behalf of SMP Racing, ahead of yesterday’s winners Barba-Sicart (Ombra Ferrari) and Griffin-Cameron (AF Corse Ferrari). Giorgio Roda (AF Corse), today 4th with Paolo Ruberti, remains the class leader.

The start sees poleman Pastorelli having to concede the lead to Zampieri, with Aicart in third but soon passed by Soulet, then Keilwitz (who retires in lap 3), Schirò, Jäger, Rugolo and Beretta. Gaps are very close in the initial laps, which see a great show by Castellacci, seventh after 5 laps, while Jäger goes off and hits the barriers in lap 12 but rejoins the race.

Things stay quiet until the half-race mark when the driver change window opens. After all pit stops, it is Maleev leading ahead of Tutumlu, Ramos, Mavlanov, Montermini, Ruberti, Barba, Griffin and Flohr. With Montermini passing Mavlanov, pressure on the top trip increases, and Maleev, with consumed tires, goes wide, letting Tutumlu and then also Ramos past. The battle between the two Corvettes see Ramos taking the lead in lap 32, while one lap later Montermini takes third from Maleev, who manages to keep the GTS lead ahead of Barba and Griffin.


Overall: 1. Pastorelli-Ramos, 123; 2. Montermini-Schirò, 121; 3. Zampieri-Mavlanov, 102; 4. Soulet, 93; 5. Roda, 70; etc.

Drivers SuperGT: 1. Pastorelli-Ramos, 60; 2. Montermini-Schirò, 56; 3. Zampieri-Mavlanov, 52; 4. Soulet, 43; 5. Tutumlu, 27; etc.

GTS: 1. Roda, 42; 2. Sicart, 36; 3. Ruberti, Aicart-Maleev, 35; 5. Sdanewitsch, 24; etc

Teams SuperGT: 1. V8 Racing, 78; 2. Villorba Corse, 56; 3. SMP Racing, 52; 4. SRT, 43; 5. Drivex, 7; etc Teams GTS: 1. AF Corse, 90; 2. Ombra Racing, 64; 3. SMP Racing, 35; 4. Autorlando Sport, Novadriver, 21; etc

Contructors Super GT: 1. Chevrolet, 112 ; 2. Ferrari, 108 ; 3. Porsche, 7.

Constructors GTS: 1. Ferrari, 131 ; Porsche, Audi, 21 ; 4. Nissan, 13; 5. Mercedes, Chevrolet, 12.

Gentlemen’s Trophy: 1. Sdanewitsch, 62; 2. Maleev, 60; 3.Cordoni, 31 ; 4. Flohr, 18; 5. Silva-Coimbra, 15; etc