SGP 2014 RD7: 43,000 people, 23 races, 92 laps, 3 Monster claws on the podium

The British Speedway Grand Prix is off the scale and once again it absolutely rocked Cardiff as the craziest two-wheel sport around took over the Millennium Stadium.

It may not be any different to other GP’s points-wise but it’s the one they all want to win and the man who left victorious was the one and only Greg Hancock.

GH has made five Grand Final’s in a row and he made it six here, and then made a jet-propelled start to hit the front ahead of Tai Woffinden and Darcy Ward - then the challenge was keeping them behind him.

That’s exactly what he did though by riding the perfect four laps and taking the chequered flag to win the British GP for a third time and grab his first one of the season, and the famous grin was out again afterwards; "I've had three wins here now and every one of them has been insane. The noise and atmosphere here is unbelievable," he said.

"It's hair-raising to hear that crowd go off. Winning finals isn't always the key to winning the title, it’s about getting the points in the heats as well as winning the finals - but it feels so good to be on top of the box. You can miss out on the final and still get more points than the rest but we’re here to win and I’m stoked that I got it tonight.”

Greg was the man on the top step but he was flanked by two young guns in Woffinden and Ward, with Tai so close to winning his home GP and sending the place wild.

He took home 18 points though, more than anyone else, and now leads the World Championship by three points ahead of Hancock with Ward moving to third overall.

It couldn’t have gone any better for the Monster Energy boys who completely dominated to get a second lockout of the season, and now they’re the top three in the standings too.

The GP tour takes a break now as the Monster Energy Speedway World Cup takes hold in a fortnight, with all of our guys ready to try and lead their country to glory. Seven days, four rounds and only one winner - don’t miss it!


1 - Greg Hancock (14 points)2 - Tai Woffinden (18 points)3 - Darcy Ward (15 points)4 - Krzysztof Kasprzak (10 points)


1 - Tai Woffinden (90 points)2 - Greg Hancock (87 points)3 - Darcy Ward (75 points)4 - Niels-Kristian Iversen (74 points)5 - Nicki Pedersen (68 points)6 - Matej Zagar (66 points)7 - Jarek Hampel (59 points)8 - Krzysztof Kasprzak (59 points)