Hockenheim GP3 Post Qualifying Press Conference


Welcome to the GP3 Qualifying Press Conference from Hockenheim. Joining us we have on pole position Marvin Kirchhöfer from ART Grand Prix, Series leader Alex Lynn from Carlin and in third Nick Yelloly from Status Grand Prix.

GP3 Series: Starting with you Marvin: congratulations your first pole position in the Series, how does that feel?

Marvin Kirchhöfer: “Yes it is a special feeling. On my last lap I just said it’s really just this lap I need to make it work and it did. My engineer said to me well done and that I put everything together and it was good. I’m really happy now.”

GP3 Series: How hard was it manage the traffic out there today as it looked pretty difficult?Marvin: “Normally we plan to do it a bit different but there was a yellow flag and then a lot of traffic so we changed the strategy a bit. But it worked out on the final effort and I just tried to find a clear gap.”

GP3 Series: How did the track temperature affect the tyres, any issues?

Marvin: “For me it was not a big problem here. I think it will be more interesting for the race with the longer distance on soft tyres so I’m quite intrigued to see how they will behave. I think for sure we have will some deg on the tyres but we’ll see how we can handle it and do our best.”

GP3 Series: Job one done with pole, what are your expectations for the race this afternoon?Marvin: “It’s all about the start – I need to make a good one and see what is happening. It would be nice to win here for sure.”

GP3 Series: Thank you Marvin, good job today. Alex here you are again in the press conference, P2 today, I’m sure you may be a bit disappointed but what was missing for you to get pole today?

Alex Lynn: “I’m not sure, I think I did a really good job on my first set of new tyres. I made a big jump and was two tenths clear and then really I just didn’t find a lot of my second set. I think I only improved by one tenth where as everybody else seemed to improve by a bit more. I was missing less than half a tenth on the track today. It was a good session though and good to be on the front row again. Marvin did the best job.”

GP3 Series: Once again Carlin have done a good job, do you think your set-up is the correct one for the race?

Alex: “Yes I think we are always quite strong in the race, our pace is always good. I think we showed that in Silverstone and in the two races I won at the Red Bull Ring and Barcelona. It depends which way the start goes but either way I hope to be fast.”

GP3 Series: The temperatures are so high, we don’t usually have it this hot for a GP3 race – how do you think the tyres will perform?

Alex: “I think in all the race runs we did in pre-season testing I’ve always been very comfortable in the race runs. Maybe more so than others. I always go into the race expecting our pace to be strong. My main focus for me every weekend is to make sure you qualify well because you can’t win from the back or score big points. It’s all about trying to score lots of points and win.”

GP3 Series: Let’s see how this afternoon pans out, good luck Alex. Moving over to Nick, welcome back to the press conference: your best qualifying of the season – how was it on track today?

Nick Yelloly: “You always want to be further up on the grid but to be just a tenth off wasn’t too bad. I managed to find a clear gap and put it on the second row. You can always win from there so it’s no issue. My first laps in racing are normally pretty good so I’m confident for the race. “

GP3 Series: What was the one the thing missing from today’s qualifying that stopped you being on the front row?

Nick: “I don’t know, it could be I just didn’t brake quite late enough in one section. The car was great and it has been all year I just haven’t always put it all together. It’s been my problem. It’s nice to be finally starting where I should be and have a crack at winning race one.”

GP3 Series: What are your expectations for Race 1?

Nick: “Yesterday we tried more of a race-run set-up in free practice and we were surprised to be as quick as we were. We did some work on that in really hot conditions, so I feel really quite confident ahead of the race with tougher conditions expected.

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