Amazing results for 2014 Silverstone Auctions Sale

Amazing results for 2014 Silverstone Auctions Sale

 Thought it was only the really heavy stuff getting top money at Auction? - Silverstone Auctions hold their biggest auction yet - netting £5m and a 85% sale rate

Some highlights from sale:

1955 Land Rover Series I - £10k - I have had loads of Land Rovers I thought I had cured my illness - but seeing this S1 has got me hot under the collar - this one actually looks usable - not too precious to use(goes off to classified for about 15 mins of timewasting..)

1989 Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC - £40k - ok low miles + good history + immaculate - but the Pub Landlord car of choice has definitely risen on the tide of the current market

1969 Aston Martin DBS Barn Find - £48k - how much will a total restoration cost - and then how much is the best DBS six cylinder worth?

1971 Alfa Romeo 1300 GT Junior Zagato - £25k - v.pretty + 1300 twin cam + Zagato credibility - probably a good buy even at this money

1971 Ferrari 206 SP Replica - £133k - been up for sale at a dealers for a long time at £200k - based on a 246 GT donor car. Trying to work out whether this is an inspired purchase on the basis that is as close to most of us will ever get to owning a real 206 SP (£5m + today and only 17 made) - or whether it is a very expensive 246 GT restoration project? Probably the former...

1973 Lotus Elan Sprint Drophead Coupe - £46.5k - strong money - got a few friends who own these - they will be on the phone to their insurance brokers after that result - ensuring their agreed valuations go up

1981 Porsche 924 Carrera GT - £46k - 1 of 75 RHD - think this was an inspired purchase - and long term this will look like a cheap car

1953 Jaguar XK120 Fixedhead Coupe with Period Competition History - £86k - top estimate - well known magazine featured car

1964 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint - £16k - Rare 2.6 straight six twin cam/4 seater/elegant body - how much would a more common period competitor from Aston,Maserati,Iso,Jaguar etc cost? - A lot more - this for the price of painting a Ferrari 250 GTE looked a good deal

1964 Alpine / Dinalpin A110 Berlinetta 2000 - £37k - less than half the price of a Dieppe built car - and rarer! Cheap thrills and competitive historic racecar indeed...

1965 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray FIA race car - £61.5k - just finished - try and prepare a good car for less - and what an exciting historic racecar - which undoubtedly will "steer from the rear"

1962 Marcos GT Xylon - £41.5k - ex Jem Marsh/Jackie Stewart Works Car - invited to 2014 Stewart parade at Goodwood Revival

1996 Jaguar XJ220 - £187.5k - unloved for so long - does this strong price signify a revival for this beast of a car?

1988 Ferrari Testarossa - £54.5k - believed to have been bought by Harry Metcalfe - if you compare to the price a period Countach - these are still undervalued

1996 Ferrari 456 GT - £49.5k - low miles - but even so - big money for a 456

1953 Bristol 403 Saloon - £60k - 50% above estimate - rare and recent engine rebuild

1989 Ferrari 328 GTS - £77k!!! - huge record price - ok low miles and nice condition and the model is probably undervalued but even so...


1979 Ferrari 308 GTS - £82,225!!!!! - Nice car - carbs/RHD/history but this is a massive price for this model...Every 308 owner on the phone to insurance brokers to increase agreed value sum...every dealer holding 308 stock goes to web sites to adjust prices to reflect "market sentiment" :)

Loads of air-cooled Pork and Jags also sold at close to estimate prices - seems it is not just uber exotic tin from Maranello, Stuttgart, Sant'Agata and Newport Pagnell/Feltham which fuels auction fever....