Webster dominates Carrera Cup GB round ten

Josh Webster takes resounding victory at SnettertonRob Smith scores first Pro-Am1 winPeter Kyle-Henney secures Pro-Am2 victoryJosh Webster swept to victory in round ten of the Porsche Carrera Cup GB at Snetterton this morning (Sunday 3 August) with a commanding performance. A mighty start laid the foundations for a superb victory for the Carrera Cup GB Scholarship driver.Behind second-placed Michael Meadows, guest racer Richard Muscat took third overall while Rob Smith (Pro-Am1) and Peter Kyle-Henney (Pro-Am2) scored category victories.Webster (Redline Racing) leapt ahead off the line and took an immediate lead as Meadows (Samsung UHD TV Racing) slotted into second with Victor Jimenez (Redline Racing), Paul Rees (In2 Racing) and Muscat (Redline Racing) in hot pursuit.While Webster drove a faultless race to extend his margin, Meadows eased clear in second and Muscat battled ahead of Jimenez to claim third on his Carrera Cup debut.Smith (Redline Racing) was always the class of Pro-Am1 with an assured drive as Justin Sherwood (Team Parker Racing) battled to fend off Jordan Witt (Redline Racing). Eventually, Sherwood spun at Murray’s after contact and Witt retired to the pits with a damaged radiator.Kyle-Henney (Parr Motorsport) set the Pro-Am2 pace as Steven Liquorish (Team Parker Racing) recovered from a slow start. At mid-distance, Liquorish narrowed the gap, but Kyle-Henney responded to make sure of victory.Josh Webster (Redline Racing) first overall:“The start helped a lot: it was the best start I’ve ever had. Massive thanks to the guys at Redline Racing, as the car was superb all race and we had good pace right to the finish.”Michael Meadows (Samsung UHD TV Racing) second overall:“I’m not sure what’s going on: I just didn’t have the pace. Once Josh was away it was just a case of driving round for second.”Richard Muscat (Redline Racing) third overall:“The start was not so good. Once I got past Victor Jimenez I wasn’t going to close the gap to Michael. The car was consistent the whole race.”Rob Smith (Redline Racing) first in Pro-Am1:“That’s my first Pro-Am1 win, so it’s brilliant and I’ve got 50 guests here today. I got my head down and kept up with Pepe Massot while Justin Sherwood battled with the people behind him. Then it was just a case of not messing it up.”Justin Sherwood (Team Parker Racing) second in Pro-Am2:“The car was stuck in fifth gear for the last few laps. It wouldn’t start after I got spun round and then when it did, it went up to fifth gear but then wouldn’t change.”Peter Kyle-Henney (Parr Motorsport) first in Pro-Am2:“We like that sort of racing! I got ahead of Steven at the first corner. By about lap seven I was struggling a bit, so I put into practice what Ben Barker has been telling me and it all worked out.”Steven Liquorish (Team Parker Racing) second in Pro-Am2:“I was really struggling with the rear end early in the race and Paul McKay got by me as well. It came together towards the end of the race, but it was too little too late. That was a good race by Peter.”Results round 10:Overall: 1 Josh Webster; 2 Michael Meadows; 3 Richard MuscatPro-Am1 category: 1 Rob Smith; 2 Justin SherwoodPro-Am2 category: 1 Peter Kyle-Henney; 2 Steven Liquorish; 3 Paul McKay