SPEEDWAY News and Fixtures


POOLE raced to an emphatic 59-36 away win at Wolverhampton to lay down a major statement of their Elite League play-off aspirations.Fast track reserve Kyle Newman scored 13+1 with skipper Darcy Ward on 13 at Monmore Green, whilst Wolves’ only two race wins came when first Piotr Pawlicki and then Jacob Thorssell went for double points.Poole promoter Matt Ford said: “That was one of the best away performances from a Poole side since I have owned the club. We went there expecting them to be on a bit of high with the latest team changes and we rode exceptionally well. “Our gating was superb, we were much more alert at the tapes than they were and whilst we might have had a little bit of fortune on the way we deserved the win and it is a good building block for the rest of what will be a very vital month for the club.”Wolves promoter Chris Van Straaten said: “Even without our bad luck I think we would have struggled to match them to be honest, they were just an awesome team tonight. They gated a lot faster than us and were just a better side.“That's the story of it really - we had some bad luck early on which put us out of contention but you can't have only two race winners at home.”Poole are now second in the table, 16 points adrift of King’s Lynn who also returned from the World Cup break in style with a 54-39 win at Belle Vue.Matej Zagar piled up 16-points for the Aces but the Stars were powerful from one-to-seven with each of their riders scoring between six and ten points – and home skipper Scott Nicholls admitted his side had no answer to that.Nicholls said: “We knew it was going to be a tough one, but there's a reason Kings Lynn are the favourites to win the league. They are very strong from top to bottom and they ride this track exceptionally well.“They were just a much better team than us tonight. We were out for the win and we put everything we had into the meeting to try and secure that win, but in the face of such strong opposition we simply couldn't match them.”In the Premier League, Glasgow punctured Scunthorpe’s hopes of moving into second place by securing a 53-37 win over the Scorpions at Ashfield.Theo Pijper scored a 12-point maximum for the Tigers whilst Rusty Harrison dropped just one point from five rides, and the visitors had to wait until Heat 13 for their first race winner.Scunthorpe boss Dave Peet said: “We just weren’t quite on it. Nicolai (Klindt) took a few rides to get dialled in, while Thomas (Jorgensen) felt ill after his first ride. We tried the tactical ride and we were on an 8-1 until Ryan Douglas fell off, he lost concentration due to the low sun and he lost his footing in the corner.”In the National League, Kent’s 56-36 win over Stoke moves the Kings up to third place in the table and leaves the Potters seven points adrift of the play-off places.Benji Compton (15) top-scored for the Kings as they covered for the absence of Simon Lambert with rider-replacement, whilst guest Marc Owen picked up 11 for Stoke, whose skipper Jon Armstrong subsequently took the Bronze Helmet from David Mason.


BERWICK have recalled Swedish club asset Alex Edberg with local youngster Liam Carr rested from first-team duties.Edberg suffered a number of crashes last year and dropped out of the Bandits team when Edward Kennett joined, and the 23-year-old is now set to line up at Redcar on Thursday.Berwick boss John Anderson said: “Alex has been on our radar since he stepped back to regroup last term - now both Alex and the club feel he is ready to return, and with Liam finding Premier League racing a bit difficult at present, we are making this move to improve the club's prospects of achieving what might be our best season since I took over here, which was after the 2008 season.“We should also make very clear that we are in no way giving up on Liam by this move. He too has our assurance that if and when he gets self-confidence about PL racing again, and his equipment set up - and I know how much he's invested in that lately, although with a few expensive bangs in the engine department - the door will be open.”


SHEFFIELD have confirmed Andre Compton requires further rest after his horror crash last week and will now miss this Thursday’s home match against Workington.Compton crashed out in Heat 14 against Somerset last Monday and has been instructed to take a further week out of racing.Co-promoter Peter Mole said: “Andre is OK, but he needs another week of rest. He's still not quite fit enough to race but the fact he was even prepared to do so is a miracle when you look at the crash!“Getting guest riders is harder and harder with riders racing for different teams at different levels, but we are delighted to welcome Kevin Wolbert and Ashley Birks into the side for Thursday.”



THURSDAY AUGUST 7:ELITE LEAGUE: Swindon v Lakeside 7.30PREMIER LEAGUE: Ipswich v Rye House 7.30, Redcar v Berwick 7.30, Sheffield v Workington 7.30

FRIDAY AUGUST 8:ELITE LEAGUE: Lakeside v Poole 8pmPREMIER LEAGUE: Edinburgh v Newcastle 7.30, Scunthorpe v Peterborough 7.30, Somerset v Rye House 7.30