Forcefield Impact Thruxton review

British Superbikes Rounds 4 - 6

The season has been going really well for all the Forcefield supported riders at the previous three MCE British Superbike races at Knockhill, Brands Hatch and Thruxton. All the supported riders are gaining some fantastic results so far this season despite a couple of crashes during the qualifying or practice sessions their races have been strong.

In the Pirelli Superstock 1000 class long term Forcefield wearer Danny Buchan has been on fine form and he took a win at Knockhill and Brands Hatch with a very close second at Thruxton, he now has a 38-point lead in the overall Championship standings. Adam Jenkinson missed Brands Hatch and switched teams for Thruxton making his debut with his new team he gained a solid sixth place in the race.

In the Motorpoint British Supersport Championship, Forcefield supported rider Graeme Gowland is also leading the Championship by one point. He took a great win in the opening race at Knockhill followed by a huge crash the next day in race two, walking away uninjured he went on to take two seconds, a third and a win at Brands Hatch and Thruxton.

Youngster Jake Dixon found some fine form at Knockhill and Brands with three fourth places and a fifth, he struggled at Thruxton and gained two tenth positions. Glenn Irwin started using Forcefield Impact Armour after he suffered a huge crash at Snetterton where he cracked his sternum; he was given a Forcefield Chest Protector plus undergarments for the remainder of the BSB season. Luke Hedger has made a good return to racing after breaking his arm in a testing crash at Mallory Park; the current Superstock 600 Champion has gained some solid results since his return at Brands Hatch.

It was a different story on the roads as Forcefield supported rider Jamie Hamilton had a huge crash at Skerries circuit ensuring he fully tested out the Forcefield Impact Armour. He crashed at over 131mph and suffered several injuries including a broken pelvis, a broken rib, dislocated shoulder and a cracked sternum. He has been having intensive physiotherapy and in the hyperbaric chamber and is already back racing!

Graeme Gowland - "The season has been going really well this season, I tested the Forcefield kit a bit at the start of the year and then it was a pretty big crash at Knockhill but I walked away with no injuries just a bit bruised. It has been pretty hot at the recent rounds and the under garments have done a great job of keeping me at the right temperature and I just hope I can continue to get some decent results."

Luke Hedger - "I have only just returned from injury so I feel like I am starting again, thankfully since I have been back I've not had to test the Forcefield protection out but the under garments have been doing a great job in these muggy conditions."

Adam Jenkinson - "The team I was riding for came into money problems so now I'm on a new team and feel like my season has just begun. I'd just once again like to thank the Forcefield guys for helping me out this season and I hope now I can get all my sponsors some strong results."

Ben Wilson - "I've had a few problems with my bike at the previous rounds so ended up not racing at Thruxton, the team are now looking into the possibility that the frame might be bent from a previous crash. The Forcefield under garments have been mega in the hot conditions at Knockhill, Brands and Thruxton."

Jake Dixon - "Things have been going really well since Snetterton, I had a couple of crashes there but thankfully nothing since and that's the way I want to keep it. I really like wearing all the Forcefield kit especially the back and chest protector as once your body gets warm it just moulds to you and you barely realise you are wearing it, it's really comfortable."

Glenn Irwin - "After my crash at Snetterton, Forcefield kindly supplied me with a chest protector and some of their under garments. I've not had to test the chest protector thankfully but the under garments have been brilliant at regulating my temperature at the recent hot weather races."

Danny Buchan - "I'm really grateful for Forcefield once again helping me out mid-way through the season with one of their new back protectors. I've worn the kit for a few years now and wouldn't think about going out on track without it. Thanks again to everyone at Forcefield."

Jamie Hamilton - "After my high-speed crash at Skerries, where I was luckily wearing my Forcefield back and chest protector, which saved me from more serious injuries. I crashed at over 131mph and even though I had a massive impact to my entire body thanks to the Forcefield kit none of my injuries reflected the impact that I sustained. I'm so glad to have been wearing it and despite a few broken bones if it wasn't for Forcefield I think I'd still be in hospital now."

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