Team Vampires Rock Motul Head to Europe

France, Belgium, Holland

Ozzie takes his first ever overall win in the final at Masterkids

Masterkids France was the first port of call for Jack Grayshon and Ozzie Murray rider for the Vampires Rock Motul racing team. Jordan Hearn had to stay home to fly the flag at the GT Cup where he now holds down 6th place in the Championship standings.

On arrival at Commerce in France, the weather could not have been any worse with torrential rain, and trucks and vans being towed into the track so things were not looking good. Thankfully overnight the rain eased up and by morning the track was looking ok. The first set of practices got underway and it was not long before the track was looking tacky rather than wet and muddy. With around 160 junior 65 riders the groups were put into four classes.

There were two qualifying races on Friday and Saturday, with the Silver and Gold Final's on Sunday. The conditions were getting worse by the minute as the weather took a turn for the worse with more rain. Ozzie gated just outside the top ten but by lap two had moved up to fifth. He did not put a foot wrong and slowly caught the leading pack and took the lead with one lap to go. Ozzie finally went over the line taking the win in his silver final, the top three from Ozzies' group then went into the final of the gold group so giving the overall champion of the 65 class.

Jack took the hole-shot and Ozzie was down the field in twentieth but making good progress through the field. Jack looked set to take the win but had a fall on the last lap and could not get the bike re-started. Jack finally got going and came home in 16th, Ozzie came through the pack and looked good for a tenth and the same fate was in hand for Ozzie as Jack and he dropped the bike on the last lap. Ozzie managed to get going and came home in 15th.

The riders then headed to Belgium for some good training days riding at some of the best GP tracks in Europe and mixing it up alongside MX stars like Kevan Strijbos. After two days training the boys headed up to the Netherlands for the Dutch Youth International at the Venray Race Circuit.

The track was purposefully built in the infield and we saw some great racing over the two days. Jack was looking good all weekend and took second place on the podium just beaten to the top spot by fellow GB rider Joel Rizzi. Ozzie just could not make the starts and came from the back in every race, managing to take 15th overall in this hard fought class. The boys were rewarded at the end of the day by their MX hero Jeffery Herlings who was handing out the awards.

The boys then headed back down to Belgium for the Everts and Friends Charity Race Day. Once again the rain came down and the track was very slippery. Some of the best riders in the world attended this great event and the small wheel 65s were pitched against the big wheel 65s something we do not see in the UK. Jack rode great managing 10th overall with Ozzie in 26th overall.

Team Manager Steve Steinman - "All in all I think the boys have done a great job at these events. They were some of the biggest we have every done and to ride alongside some of the fastest kids in the world can only be a good thing. The confidence levels of the riders has really grown over the last two weeks and this has definitely given Jack an insight to what he will face at the Junior World Championships in August. A big thanks to all our sponsors and we will keep you informed on Jacks shot at the world title."

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