Minimum age for drivers reduced to 15 in certain circumstances

Motor Sports Council has approved new Circuit Racing regulations regarding the minimum age for competitors in single-seater championships, as follows:

(Q)3.5. A Single Seater Championship may make application to the MSA to accept registrations from Drivers who have achieved their 15th birthday subject to the Driver being the current holder of an International ‘C’ Kart licence, as a minimum, and that the eligible vehicles:(a) have a Weight/Power ratio greater than 3 kg/hp, and (b) meet the current FIA Formula 3 (Article 275) or FIA Formula 4 (Article 274) crash test and safety requirements.

Q3.5.1. Competitors must satisfactorily complete the extended ARDS course specifically designed for Junior Car Racing.

Q3.5.2. The Competition Licence application must be endorsed and submitted to the MSA by the Championship Organising Club.

Q3.5.3. This Licence will be restricted to the permitted Championship and will be held by the Championship Organising Club.

Q3.5.3.1. This licence is not valid for any other event or discipline.

Q3.5.4. Once the driver reaches 16 years of age he is eligible to be issued an unrestricted Race National ‘B’ licence.

(Q) 9.1. Other than the provision of 3.4.4.and 3.5. a driver must have achieved his 16th birthday to participate in Car Racing.

Implementation: 1st January 2015