No walk in the Park for George Grant this weekend

George Grant is set to face a fresh challenge in his first season of car racing this weekend (August 16) when the MaX5 Racing Championship heads to Oulton Park for round five of its 2014 campaign.George has never competed at the scenic parkland venue in Cheshire before, but is still hopeful of maintaining the upward momentum seen at previous events.“The season is really coming together nicely and I am grateful to the team for improving the car no end,” Grant explains. “As with everything in life, it’s not just me on my own but real teamwork that ensures positive changes bring about good results.”Mission Motorsport race engineer, Tony Compson, has set about modifying the Mazda MX5’s front end for improved aerodynamics, removed a significant portion of weight and installed new suspension. Together these changes make the car much more stable while cornering, allowing George to build up his confidence and work on his driving skills.“Everyone I’ve spoken to rates Oulton Park as one of their favourite tracks in Britain,” he says. “It’s a place steeped in history and also has a very fast layout that might take a little while to get my head around, but I feel ready for the challenge.”Grant is full of praise for the Mission Motorsport squad and enjoys driving alongside his team-mate David Squirrel, who sustained significant injuries while serving in Afghanistan.“I’ve now spent half a season working with the guys and never fail to be inspired by what they can achieve,” he continues. “Having said that, they’re an incredibly talented bunch in their own right. You don’t have to spend too long in the garage before the novelty, if you like, of how they operate wears off. They know exactly what they’re doing and work like any other professional racing team. And that, I guess, is the greatest compliment anyone can pay Mission Motorsport.”

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