Goodwood Revival brings Stonehenge to West Sussex

Where else in the world can you see a full scale model of Stonehenge, the largest gathering of Jaguar D-types and Mods and Rockers duking it out on Brighton Pier without leaving the confines of a racing track? At the Goodwood Revival of course, which takes place from 12 – 14 September at the Goodwood Motor Circuit.

Keen to save motorists from the South East the journey to the West Country, the world famous Goodwood Revival Meeting continues its tradition of stunning displays and authentic set dressing with the most extreme example to date, in the shape of a full-scale Stonehenge installation at West Sussex’s home of motorsport.

Commissioned by Lord March to be larger than the original (for greater visibility as there will be more people at the Goodwood Revival in September [some 150,000] than were in the entire UK 5,000 years ago [population circa 100,000]), the installation will be in place exclusively for the Revival weekend in celebration of the pre-historic monument’s 99 years in safe hands, after it was bought at auction in 1915 by Cecil Chubb for £6,600 (some £500,000 in today’s money).

Some say it was bought to stop it being shipped to America, and it is suggested that the Goodwood version may be offered up for sale after the Revival to offer potential U.S. buyers another chance to take Stonehenge stateside!

A number of druids will attend to mark the occasion and will be invited to enact rituals and ceremonies at the site – though the rain dance is banned! Unlike the original, guests will be invited into the monument site, making it a must-visit UK ‘selfie’ destination this September.

Goodwood Revival takes place from 12-14 September at the Goodwood Motor Circuit, more information is available at