Lando Norris delighted to finish third in CIK FIA Euro KF Championship

ADD Motorsports driver Lando Norris enhanced his ever-growing reputation after finishing third overall in the CIK FIA European KF Championship.

The 14-year-old only managed a sixth place finish this weekend despite recording the fastest lap in the final.

But thankfully it was enough to see him rack up the points he needed for a Top Three finish in the championship table.

He believes he would have finished even higher if his engine hadn’t seized in the third round at Genk.

But less than a year after taking the title at junior level, he was justifiably proud at how well he had adjusted to the step up in class.

He said: “It wasn’t the best of weekends, I should have done a lot better to be honest. I was really fast but made mistakes.

“But to come third in Europe in my first year after stepping up to this level is really great.

“I’ve improved a lot since last year to be able to compete in this much harder class.

“If it wasn’t for the problems at Genk, it would have been even closer at the top, I’m sure.”

Lando’s testing was in dry conditions, but by the time qualifying came around the weather had changed and it was wet.Despite this set-back, he got off to a good start. But he got stuck behind a few other drivers and couldn’t manage to put a whole lap together, finishing 7th in his group and 14th overall.

He started 7th in the four heats, finishing 2nd in the first and 4th in the second.

He got a good start in the third but got hit and pushed off the track, but managed to get back to 10th by the end.

The fourth heat saw Lando get hit from behind again and he did well to get back to 11th by the end of the race.

Lando did well to get from his 11th place start to finish to 4th in the pre-final. His pace was there and with a little more time he would have been pushing for third.

He was fourth for the final but slipped down to 7th despite a good start.

With all the front drivers bunched up, it was difficult for the racer to find the space to overtake.

But on the last corner there was a bit of contact between two drivers in front and he managed to use this to his advantage to get into sixth.

He added: “The pace was there most of the weekend, I should have done better.

“I wasn’t attacking enough and I was being too conservative and finding myself in the wrong positions.

“Looking back, in the final when we were bunching I should have allowed a bit more of gap and then used that to overtake.

“But I’m still really happy with the weekend and to come third overall is really good.

“I feel I’m always learning and improving which I just hope continues."

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