Disappointing end for Oli Norris in CIK FIA European KF Championship

ADD Motorsports driver Oli Norris endured a difficult final weekend in the CIK FIA European KF Championship.

Two DNFs in the pre-final and final, due to problems out of his control, left him with little to be happy about by the close of play at PF International.

And it was a disappointing end to what had started out as a very positive weekend.

He said: “I was really fast in the wet and got pole in qualifying which was a really positive start to the weekend.

“But when it was dry I just didn’t have the pace at all.

“Then there were problems with my brake seals in the pre-final and my engine seized in the final, so it was a really disappointing way to finish up in the championship.”

Although it was dry in practice it was wet when it came to qualifying, yet Oli put on a good few laps in the wet to get pole in qualifying - and used this to his advantage in the heats, despite not being at his best.

He managed to hold on to second place in the first heat and struggled for speed in the second to finish eighth.

It was a DNF in the third heat after he was involved in a crash but he managed to get fourth in the last heat.

Oli began the pre-final in 17th but after a brilliant start had got to around ninth.

But he nudged someone on a corner and then had problems with his under-steer, before his brake seals went – meaning he was forced to use his front brakes only. It left him struggling to compete and in the end he could only finish last.

He started 31st in the final and despite being on older tyres after using the new ones in the pre-final, had a good start. He managed to get up to 18th by the eighth lap.

But just as he was settling into a rhythm around lap 15, his engine seized and he was again forced to retire early.

He added: “It was a very flat end to the weekend and the championship, but there wasn’t a lot I could do.

“But I’ve got testing coming up and then the world championships, so hopefully I can have a bit more luck next time out.”