Trident GP3 Series Monza Race 1 review

Race1 - September, 6th 2014Air Temperature 26° / Track Temperature 43°


Luca lining up on the starting grid in P19 found a very balanced car at the beginning of the race and feeling secure of the car's potential, during the second lap, attempted a dangerous overtake that unfortunately made him rear-end the car in front of him and forced him to reenter to the box in order to verify that his car did not have excessive damages. After verifying that the car was in place, Ghiotto restarted his race, by now compromised, recording however excellent lap times which were very close to the leaders of the race. Ghiotto passed the chequered flag in the 21st position knowing that with a better qualifying placement and a little more luck, he could have brought home an excellent result.

Final Position: P21Starting Position: P19


John who started from the 21st position found himself in the confusion of cars of the first curves who lost time and some positions, but after the first laps, he was able to reach the rest of the group climbing the classification until the 18th position and starting to record better lap times. Halfway through the race, not completely understanding the Pirelli tyres behavior and being afraid to have problems to finish the race, he slowed down his rhythm until his engineer assured him on the possibility to push even more. John followed the team instructions and began to better understand the management of this mix bringing his lap times very close to the best on the track during the last curves of the race that ended in the 17th position.

Final Position: P21Starting Position: P17


Mitch's race was characterized by different situations where the Australian driver had to defend himself or avoid accidents seeing as other cars had carried out surely risky and useless maneuvers considering the position halfway through the classification. In any case, Mitch was the author of one of his best starts and found the set up of the car for the race very competitive with consistent behavior for the entire race. The lap times were always good but the uncomfortable situation in order to avoid accidents that could have compromised his race did not allow him to obtain a final result better than the 18th position.

Final Position: P16Starting Position: P18

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