Riccardo Agostini gains more experience in GP3

Monza did not prove a very profitable weekend for Riccardo Agostini, but was an important experience for the driver, who is now looking towards the 2015 season.

He had a great start of this GP3 Series weekend, being constantly among the fastest during the qualifying and scoring the ninth best time.

Later, because of a few “extreme” setup solutions decided on in collaboration with his team, which turn out to be the wrong way to go the Hilmer Motorsport driver ended up in the eleventh row.

This result has inevitably affected Saturday’s Race 1, where Agostini managed to climb up the grid finishing 15th. The Italian started Race 2 from the very same position on Sunday morning, during which he kept opening his way up through the grid finishing 12th.

This weekend at Monza for Agostini has been another chance to gain experience and to prepare for the 2015 season.

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