Make-A-Wish kid surprised at IMS with granted wish of car makeover

Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana surprised local teen JD at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with his granted wish of a car makeover.

JD is battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma. After his previous car was totaled in a collision with a drunk driver, his uncle gave him his 1974 Pontiac Grand Ville convertible as a gift. Although it was rough around the edges when he received it, JD saw the car’s potential and wanted to restore it to its former glory.

On Tuesday, JD visited IMS under the impression that he was there solely for a tour of the track. Indianapolis 500 veteran JR Hildebrand then surprised him with a meet and greet and ride around the track in a 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Indianapolis 500 Pace Car, stopping in front of a closed garage door. The door opened to reveal JD’s newly madeover car, along with friends and family.

Make-A-Wish teamed with Reynolds Body Shop of Indianapolis and owner Roy Reynolds to help make JD’s wish come true. For his wish, the body shop refinished the interior and exterior of the car, replaced the convertible top and carpet, provided new wheels and tires and completed detailing work.