Jaguar launches Heritage 57 Collection at Paris Motor Show

Collection designed by Jaguar’s Design team and inspired by the winning No.3 D-Type at Le Mans in 1957Celebrates 60 years of the iconic Jaguar D-TypeSignature items include Jaguar Heritage leather jacket and leather race holdall made from world-renowned Pittards leatherWide range of goods featuring iconic D-Type printsCommercially available to buy through Jaguar’s global dealer network and online at from November 2014.

Jaguar launched the Heritage ’57 Collection yesterday in Paris, a range of branded goods celebrating 60 years of the iconic Jaguar D-Type.

Jaguar’s Design team have created the range to commemorate Jaguar’s most successful period at Le Mans, using the winning No. 3 ‘Ecurie Ecosse’ team car from 1957 as inspiration.

Ian Callum, Director of Design at Jaguar, said: “Occasionally it’s great fun to celebrate the past, especially something as momentous as a winning Ecurie Ecosse D-Type. The collection is distinguished by the blue flag and draws on signature cues from the winning No.3 car.”

Key pieces from the collection are detailed below, for further information please visit

Heritage ‘57 Men’s Brown Leather Jacket

This classic leather jacket is made in the UK by Pittards, a world renowned leather goods manufacturer. The jacket features an embossed Heritage lozenge on the chest and the winning No. 3 motif on the sleeve. The jacket is complemented with a vintage classic print on the lining, depicting the D-Type in action at Le Mans.

Heritage ‘57 Racing Holdall

Like our jacket, this item has also been crafted by the Somerset-based, world-renowned leather manufacturer, Pittards. This Heritage leather race bag takes inspiration from the bold white No. 3 roundel from the vehicle itself and features buckle detail based on the D-Type’s bonnet straps.

Heritage ‘57 Jaguar D-Type Collector’s Model

A hand-crafted and assembled 1:8th scale model of the winning No. 3 ‘Ecurie Ecosse’ D-Type. This detailed model takes 300 hours of craftsmanship to produce and matches exactly every element of the D-Type from exterior, interior and engine bay.

Heritage ‘57 T-Shirt 24 Heures

A high quality t-shirt, printed with a vintage graphic of the D-Type and the Jaguar Heritage lozenge on the sleeve.

Heritage ‘57 Paddock Shirt

The Heritage ‘57 paddock shirt offers a contemporary interpretation of Jaguar’s racing history.

A further range of Heritage ’57 canvas branded goods are available including a holdall, wash bag, iPad case and leather wallet each featuring iconic imagery printed onto the outer material of each piece. Smaller items such as keyrings, cufflinks and a racing Children’s Bear are also available.

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