Francesco Sini takes EuroV8Series title at Hockenheim


The 2014 EUROV8SERIES went down to the wire at Hockenheim. Driving a Chevrolet Camaro for Solaris Motorsport, Francesco Sini cruised to a spectacular win and was also able to clinch the championship honours by just one point over his closest rival, Audi's Tomas Kostka. Driving an Audi RS5 for the Audi Sport Italia works squad, he totaled 168 points. Not enough to beat Sini's 169.

Three key moments defined the whole weekend. The first came in the early stages when Nicola Baldan, campaigning a Mercedes C63 AMG Coupé for R.R.T., was involved in a contact. As Max Mugelli tapped team-mate Niccolò Mercatali, Baldan had nowhere to go while Ermanno Dionisio was also involved.

After the necessary Safety-Car condition, it came the re-start: a contact between Giovanni Berton (Chevrolet Lumina) and Kostka, who were fighting for second place, caused halfshaft problems on the Czech racer's car. Although third place was more than enough to hand him the title, Diego Romanini (Mercedes C63 della Caal Racing) went on the attack, hitting third place while Kostka suffered from a puncture and came to the checkered flag on three wheels.

The top-5 was rounded out by Leonardo Baccarelli (Mercedes). The Italian won the Gentleman award, although the class title had already been secured by Dionisio at Sachsenring. The teams' championship eventually went to Audi Sport Italia in front of Solaris Motorsport and Team BMW Dinamic.

The fans can also re-live all the emotions of the race on the EUROV8SERIES YouTube Channel ( | HOCKENHEIMRING October 5th, 2014

Race (top-5): 1. Francesco Sini (Chevrolet Camaro – Solaris Motorsport) 14 laps in 28’13.139; 2. Giovanni Berton (Chevrolet Lumina – Solaris Motorsport) at 1.266; 3. Diego Romanini (Mercedes C63 AMG – Caal Racing) at 7.333; 4. Tomas Kostka (Audi RS5 – Audi Sport Italia) at 29.566; 5. Leonardo Baccarelli (Mercedes C63 AMG – Caal Racing) at 2’24.227.

Drivers Standings (top-5): 1. Sini (Chevrolet) 169; 2. Kostka (Audi) 168; 3. Baldan (Mercedes) 147; 4. Mercatali (BMW) 109; 5. Mugelli (BMW) 107.

Teams Standings (top-5): 1. Audi Sport Italia 290; 2. Solaris Motorsport 280; 3. Team BMW Dinamic 270; 4. R.R.T. 207; 5. Caal Racing 133.

Under 25 Standings (top-5): 1. Cheever 16; 2. J. Giacon 15; 3. Zonzini 12; 4. Linossi 6; 5. Volpato e K. Giacon 4.

Gentlemen Standings (top-5): 1. Dionisio 53; 2. Baccarelli 42; 3. D. Giacon 26; 4. Lavaggi 18; 5. Hartmann 12.

Female Standings: 1. Linossi 12.

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