Trident GP3 Sochi race 1 review


Patrick, who arrived to the Trident Team a few days before the weekend race in Russia, had  not simply to adapt to  a new track but also a different approach by the team who had to adapt the one seater with different modifications in order to be close to the Finnish driver's race style. Having so little time at their disposal, the result of the qualifying session was affected and did not allow Kujala to obtain a better result than the 18th position where he started off from in Race 1.The start was good and already after a few laps he recovered several positions. His feeling with the one-seater was good for the most part even if the young driver found excessive over-steering. His lap times were always in the middle of the group, but Patrick was not able to obtain more than the 13th position. The entire team is confident for Sunday's race and hopes to reach the point zonec.

Final Position: P13Starting Position: P18Position after 1°lap: P15


Today, for Mitch, the performance during qualifying did not bring the hoped for result on the Sochi circuit and indeed, the Australian driver found himself starting from the 16th position that is in the middle of the starting grid where it is quite easy to find oneself involved in a race accident.

Unfortunately Mitch, right in the first lap, involuntarily rear ended the car in front of him damaging the nose of his car and finding himself forced to reenter into the boxes in order to change the damaged part. In addition, due to this contact, Mitch was given a drive through penalty by the race direction that in this way definitely turned off any hope of climbing some positions. Gilbert therefore passed the chequered flag in the 20th position where he will start tomorrow's race. It is a real pity that he could not take advantage at best the qualifying session that remains an aspect where the Team will have to work in order to improve the performance. The race pace was instead always good recording the time laps which were one of the best in the race.

Final Position: P20Starting Position: P16Position after 1°lap: P20Penalty: Drive ThroughPitstop: After the first lap - changing the nose

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