Clubman Challenge to continue in BHRC

The 2015 MSA British Historic Rally Championship will feature a Clubman Challenge for crews using no more than six tyres on each round of the championship. As the championship heads into a new era under the management of the Roger Albert Clark Rally Motor Club, the Clubman Challenge is an important initiative to contain costs for competitors and help reduce damage to forest roads.To be eligible for the Challenge, drivers must use no more than six tyres per rally. Any punctured tyres will count as part of the six-tyre allocation. For each car competing in the Clubman Challenge, six tyres will be marked at scrutineering at each event and only these tyres may be used during the rally. Any tyres from a previous event that the competitor wishes to use must be taken to scrutineering and re-marked as part of the set of six for that event.The Clubman Challenge will run alongside the main MSA British Historic Rally Championship and will be a class and category-based challenge, allowing crews from any of the categories to be the Clubman Challenge champions.“We are very keen to bring the Clubman Challenge into the BHRC as it brings a degree of rallymanship into the equation as the type of tyres, compounds, tyre pressures and driving style will all come into play,” said Championship manager Colin Heppenstall. “Not only is it important in helping to contain the cost of competing, but it also makes a very worthwhile contribution to reducing the damage that rallying does to forest roads.”

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