Mavlanov, Zampieri are the 2014 GT Open Champions

Russian party in Barcelona, as Aicart-Maleev take last race

The Italian-Russian pair claims crown after finishing third a faultless race bringing a Ferrari F458 GT3 to its first overall title

SMP Racing Russian Bears’ perfect day completed by race win of Aicart-Maleev

Pastorelli-Ramos (V8 Corvette) 2nd in race and championship

Montermini-Schirò (Villorba Ferrari) lose all options after two drive-throughs

Balthazard-Beaubelique (Sofrev ASP Ferrari) take Gentlemen Team Trophy


The season ended with a Russian party in Barcelona, as SMP Racing Russian Bears took the last win and the title. Roman Mavlanov and Daniel Zampieri were crowned 2014 overall Champions, thanks to a third position with their Ferrari F458 GT3 in a race won by team mates José Manuel Pérez-Aicart and Vyacheslav Maleev. “It’s an incredible day and an incredible season!” attempted to say Ábel Algué, the team manager of Baporo who prepares the cars a few kilometers from Barcelona.

Nicky Pastorelli-Miguel Ramos took again the vice champion honors after concluding in 2nd a difficult weekend for the V8 Racing Corvette, while Niccolò Schirò-Andrea Montermini lived a bleak Sunday on the Villorba Corse Ferrari that won yesterday, losing all title chances with a couple of mistakes that cost them two drive-throughs.In GTS, behind Maleev-Aicart, new Champion Giorgio Roda and Marco Cioci (AF Corse) took second and Joel Camathias-Matteo Beretta (Autorlando Porsche) repeated third, also in the championship.

THE RACE - It’s a hot start with poleman Schirò sandwiched between Mavlnov and Aicart, with the Italian and also Pastorelli going straight at first corner. In lap 1, it’s Schirò leading ahead of Aicart, Mavlanov, Kox, Persiani, Pastorelli, Griffin and Tutumlu.

In lap 5, Cunha goes off track and soon after, Sijthoff pits with a blown tire. In lap 8, there is some serious rubbing between Pastorelli and Persiani, who are fighting for 5th. In the lead, Schirò keeps Aicart at bay but the Italian is under investigation for cutting first corner and not giving back position. That results in a drive-through in lap 11, that he serves two laps later.

In lap 14, Mavlanov opens the driver change sequence, with Schirò pitting on the contrary, quite late. After all changes, Maleev leads with 13 seconds on Ramos and 18” on Zampieri, followed by Volker, Cioci, Cameron, Hamilton and Montermini, who gets in contact with the Corvette ahead him, sending into a spin. That translates into a second drive-through for the Villorba Ferrari!

In the lead, Maleev increases his gap while Ramos is now under the attacks of Zampieri. The Russian is driving the race of his life but nearly misses to go off in lap 29, although he has no pressure behind him. Ramos continues to be targeted by Zampieri, then there are Cioci, Hamilton and Camathias, with a good fight between Cameron, Keen and Hamprecht for 7th, with the Audi eventually sliding to 10th. The Gentlemen Team Trophy goes to the Sofrev ASP Ferrari of Balthazard-Beaubelique.


Overall: 1. Zampieri-Mavlanov, 212; 2. Pastorelli-Ramos, 202; 3. Montermini-Schirò, 200 (203); 4. Soulet, 169;

5. Tutumlu, 151 etc.

Drivers SuperGT: 1. Zampieri-Mavlanov, 104; 2. Pastorelli-Ramos, 99; 3. Montermini-Schirò, 97 (100); 4. Soulet, 81; 5. Tutumlu, 71; etc.

GTS: 1. Roda, 86; 2. Aicart, 77; 3. Maleev, 63; 4. Ruberti, Camathias-Beretta, 59; 6. Patel-Campaniço, 48; etc

Teams SuperGT: 1. V8 Racing, 155; 2. SMP Racing, 104; 3. Villorba Corse, 97 (100); 4. SRT, 87; 5. TF Sport, 18; etc

Teams GTS: 1. AF Corse, 200 (204); 2. SMP Racing, 77; 3. Ombra Racing, 62; 4. Autorlando, 59; 5. Novadriver, 48;

Contructors Super GT: 1. Chevrolet, 217 ; 2. Ferrari, 201 (204); 3. Aston Martin, 18 ; 4.Porsche, 7.

Constructors GTS: 1. Ferrari, 245 (255); 2. Porsche, 59; 3. Audi, 48 ; 4. Nissan, 13; 5. Mercedes, Chevrolet, 12;

7. Lamborghini, 3.

Gentlemen’s Trophy: 1. Sdanewitsch, 128; 2. Maleev, 118; 3.Cordoni, 61 ; 4. Jacoma-Pan, 28; 5. Flohr, 18; etc

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