Chevrolet cars put on weight for Macau WTCC

The Chevrolet RML Cruze cars will put on ten kilos of extra weight for the WTCC finale in Macau.

According to the calculation of the Compensation Weight based on the three previous events –Beijing Goldenport, Shanghai and Suzuka – the Citroën C-Elysée remains the reference model and receives once again the maximum compensation weight of 60 kg (in addition to the minimum weight of 1100 kg).

The Chevrolet RML Cruze cars will be laden by 40 kilos of ballast, ten kilos more compared to the previous event in Suzuka.

The running weight of the Honda Civic and LADA Granta cars will not change; the Japanese machines will be given 30 kilos of compensation weight, while the three LADA cars will run with on the minimum weight once again.

Compensation weight Macau:

+ 60 kg : Citroën C-Elysée

+ 40 kg : Chevrolet RML Cruze

+ 30 kg : Honda Civic

± 0 kg : LADA Granta

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