Icer Brakes enter Norma M20 CN prototype in Maxi Endurance 32

Team Icer Brakes to sponsor drivers and set new endurance and reliability world records

Team Icer Brakes will enter a Norma M20 CN prototype backed by the French manufacturer in the Maxi Endurance 32 and offers sponsorship for talented drivers. This car will play a role of protagonist in the race and will fight for setting a new endurance world record.

This sponsorship contributes 20 per cent of the necessary budget of each driver selected. Taking into account the cost is EUR 12,000 per driver, including car insurance, Icer Brakes will contribute EUR 2,400 per driver. Thus, every driver at Team Icer Brakes must ensure EUR 9,600 and a 15% of his sponsorship space on the racing car.

For as little as EUR 9,600 these selected drivers may achieve a world record, an achievement that few other drivers can boast of having in his trophy cabinet. Besides, it is an ideal Winter Test for drivers participating in single-seater series and for those Prototype lovers there is no better proposal in the market.

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