Become The Ultimate Racing Driver With Project Brabham

Project Brabham has released details of its third and final Brabham-Digital portal. Brabham-Driver will provide aspiring champions of the future and established drivers alike with access to the tools and online training to be the best.

The Brabham-Driver web application is for those who want to know what it takes, technically and professionally, to become the ultimate racing driver through a series of advanced tools. Members will learn how to develop a winning mentality, discover the different elements that affect the speed of the car, and how to get the most from themselves and their team.

Forming a vital part of David Brabham’s vision to bring the Brabham team name back to racing, the three-time Le Mans winner and multiple sportscar champion will share the mental, life and technical skills that have forged his 30-year strong career. The skills and knowledge he also shared with the UK’s top young drivers through running the MSA’s young driver squads for over six years, where graduates included former F1 test drivers Sam Bird and James Calado, and former Marussia F1 team driver Max Chilton.

Eight individual online learning modules will also cover media training, fitness and nutrition, as well as valuable technical insight, car knowledge, and learning the importance of when to push and when to conserve tyres.

When the iconic Brabham Racing team returns to racing via the FIA World Endurance Championship LMP2 class, Brabham-Driver will also provide further insight into the team’s drivers, and their race routines. Members will be given a greater perspective on how drivers adjust their techniques to improve lap times, how their feedback gets relayed to the engineer, and how the team uses that information to improve performance.

Project Brabham’s open source racing model became the biggest successfully funded Sports campaign on Indiegogo, reaching its first target of £250,000 six days ahead of its deadline. Brabham-Driver is one of the three core Brabham-Digital online experiences, which will help to create a sustainable racing team by making motorsport more accessible, transparent and engaging for fans. Three-year subscriptions to all of the Brabham-Digital web applications are available until midnight (Pacific Time) on Saturday 15 November.

Brabham-Driver Modules

Module 1 – Creating A Winning Mentality Develop the mindset of a champion, understand the psychology of split-second decisions and develop greater self-awareness.

Module 2 – Being A Professional DriverLearn what it takes to earn a living as a professional racing driver.

Module 3 – Fitness and NutritionFitness training programmes, with the ability to track the training regimes of Brabham Racing’s drivers.

Module 4 – Effective TeamworkGet the best from the people around so you can collectively achieve your goals. Understand how to work with an engineer, and to get engineers working with you.

Module 5 – Understanding TyresLearn when to push, when to conserve and how to tell when you are on the limit. Discover how tyres are made, how each adjustment to the car set-up can influence the tyre on the ground, the contact patch or friction circle.

Module 6 – Car KnowledgeGain a basic understanding of how a car works, from dampers, geometry, aerodynamics, roll stiffness, gearbox, differentials, cambers, castor, toes and engines. Discover how they all influence the car.

Module 7 – Media TrainingLearn about the key points to having a good relationship with the people who write about you, and gain presentation and media skills.

Module 8 – By Community VoteIn keeping with the Brabham Racing ethos, further modules will be put out to vote to the community, allowing members to shape future content.

To find out more about Brabham-Driver and view example modules, visit

David Brabham commented: “I have learned a lot during my three decades of racing, working with different teams and different drivers across the globe. I have always wanted to share the information that helped build my success, to help other people achieve their own goals.

“Knowing this kind of information can really make a difference when you are competing and looking for an edge. With the right kind of training, drivers of all levels can learn how to prepare themselves mentally so that the majority of the decisions they make, particularly under pressure, produce the best possible results. Brabham-Driver will provide the tools for drivers to understand where their strengths lie so they can develop greater self-awareness and achieve more positive outcomes.”

Read David’s blog Winning Is In My Mind to understand more about the content that will be featured and how the topics covered in Brabham-Driver helped David to develop the winning mentality for which he has become renowned.

Subscribe to Brabham-Driver

A three-year membership to Brabham-Driver is still available from the Project Brabham Indiegogo page until midnight (PST) this Saturday, 15 November. Just visit and click on the Indiegogo homepage link. The portal will be launched when Brabham Racing returns to the track. In the meantime, as of December members will be provided with a login code that allows access to exclusive behind the scenes Brabham-Digital content.

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