WTCC Champ Rob Huff Joins Litchfield Technical Team

Gloucestershire based sports and supercar tuner Litchfield has announced that WTCC Champ Rob Huff has now officially joined its ranks as one of most ‘hands on’ member of its technical test team.

The accomplished wheelman, who has several titles and numerous wins in a huge range of formulae to his credit, will now have a hand in signing off many of Litchfield’s new chassis and powertrain conversions prior to sale. Rob is able to provide vital driver feedback to Litchfield’s engineers as they hone the latest upgrade packages for the firm’s burgeoning clientele of discerning petrolheads.

Explaining Rob’s role, Litchfield MD Iain Litchfield commented that “Rob has a unique insight that only a versatile World Champion can bring… We know many fast drivers, but Rob brings something different; he understands the importance of a driver’s involvement with their car much more than any racer that we’ve ever worked with. When we test, Rob’s not so much about chasing tenths in each lap, but rather how he can improve the sensation between car and driver, and most importantly of all, how he can make the car easier to drive and more predictable on the limit, and ultimately, just more fun to drive.”

Litchfield continues, “Rob’s will also help us to speed up the R&D process without compromising quality. His race set-up experience means we can arrive at a desired set-up so much quicker than we otherwise would, particularly when we are developing chassis enhancements. He has a sixth-sense behind the wheel that he is able to quickly translate to our engineers with incredible clarity. This should take significant time out of our test schedule, whilst simultaneously giving us a better overall result.”

Commenting on his ‘new’ role, Rob himself looked understandably pleased with the appointment. “This is really just an extension of the fact that Iain and I have been friends for some time now, with both of us enjoying driving and customising our cars,” he smiled. “I chose to take my personal GT-R there to have it tuned as they are the best at what they do and I’m delighted with the results. I was particularly impressed with the lengths they had gone to with their improved GTR suspension package which was a revelation. The passion they have for their products is brilliant and they have been a wonderful team to work with. We have a lot of fun while we are refining these packages.”

Rob’s input has already proven to be invaluable during 2014 as Litchfield puts the finishing touches to its new BMW M4 packages, as well as a raft of new enhancements for the perennial GT-R. If you are in the market for efficacious improvements for these cars, ensure that your tuning package is World Champion approved!

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