Mitchell Gilbert testing with two teams in Abu Dhabi

ADD Motorsports driver Mitchell Gilbert’s will be testing for two teams next week as he looks to make a decision about his GP3 Series future.

The 20-year-old gets behind the wheel for both Arden Motorsports and ART Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi and expects to be racing for one of them next season.

And the Australian driver, living in Twickenham, is delighted to have the opportunity to choose from two such well-regarded outfits in the Championship.

He said: “The two teams are of a similar calibre. Both have a great standing and history in the Championship.

“It’s not always about going with who is quicker, you need a team who will make you a better driver and who you won’t clash with.

”The most important thing to me is the relationship. If the relationship doesn’t gel, it will be a difficult year.”

Mitchell has some history with Arden, while he meets with the team at ART for the first time.

He tests with Arden on Thursday and Friday, before testing with ART on Saturday and hopes to make a decision on his future soon after.

He continued: “Arden had a difficult time last season but have won the Championship twice and know what they’re doing. The engineer is really experienced and was behind F1 driver Daniil Kyvat.

“ART has a similar history, they have won the Championship before and have a history of developing their drivers.

“I’m looking forward to spending a bit of time with both of them. Once I have driven with them, I’ll know straight away which one feels right.”

With other options available to him, Mitchell said it wasn’t a difficult decision to opt for another season in the GP3 Series.

He added: “I had planned to race in the Series for the 2015 season anyway, but ended up going there early.

“But I really like the whole package, it’s a great place to be. It was an obvious choice to stay for another year.

“I’m looking forward to getting back behind the wheel next week and then making a decision on who it will be with.

“I feel I can have a really good season with the experience of last year and a new team behind me.”