SMC Junior Motorsport on starting grid for Maxi Endurance 32

SMC Junior Motorsport confirms Maxi Endurance 32 entry with a clear goal in mind: to set a world record in the Maxi Touring class.

Gonzalo Martín de Andrés, a former Spanish Clio Cup champion and defending champion in the Spanish Endurance Championship has commented that “my motivation for setting a world record is higher than ever. We are determined to win our class and achieve a solid place overall. Renault Clio Cup III cars have already proved how reliable they are in endurance racing. We have vast experience working with this car and are still working to enter a second vehicle. Our driver line-up for the first one will be officially announced next week and regarding that second car we are working to materialize it”.

“We are going to try to use all the means at our disposal; for each car entered, we will have another in the pits for spare parts. Few competitors can match this proposal in the Maxi Endurance 32”.

“Our list of triumphs includes Clio Cup titles and other major achievements in Spanish series. Now we want to achieve an important success in the international racing. Maxi Endurance 32 will showcase our real level on the international scene”.

“We want to be pioneers setting a new world record in endurance racing among Maxi Touring contenders. Maxi Endurance 32 will be such an exciting event, a veritable adventure at this time. We want to ensure that our drivers will achieve the desired results, getting a milestone in their motorsport careers. Who does not want to set a world record?” 

“Both for us and for our drivers our main goal will be to win our class and to set that world record for Spain”.

“We are still looking for drivers in the second car and, the most important thing, at very competitive prices for this kind of races”.

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