Trident GP3 Series Abu Dhabi Race 1 review

Air Temperature 45° / Track Temperature 29°

Car 23 - KANG LING

For Kang Ling (Kimi), the Chinese rookie who debut in GP3, both the free practice session and qualifying were important in order to have him gain familiarity with the one-seater and the track therefore their result was surely conditioned by this factor. Kimi found his balance right away with the car where his performance was surely satisfactory and in race 1 he was indeed able, despite the used tires and the minor aerodynamic as requested for the regulations, lap by lap his times were always in the average of the group who, different from him, have raced for the entire season.

Final Position: P20Starting Position: P22


After a difficult qualifying that forced Ryan to start from the back rows, the Irish driver was an author of a good start that allowed him to gain several positions hoping in this way for a recovery but unfortunately, at a certain point, one of the cars that followed him rear ended him making him spin and forcing him to enter into the race once again at the back of the group. Once back on the track, he found himself behind a one-seater that surely had a slower pace than him which obstructed him until the end of the race. Towards the last laps, the car began to have some understeering problems, but once a favorable position was obtained without anyone obstructing him, Ryan was able to improve his race pace and obtain best lap time.

Final Position: P19Starting Position: P21


Kujala's weekend did not bring the hoped for results. Qualifying saw him only improve with the first set of tires and the session ended in P12, position which he started from for the Feature Race. His start was good but during the first lap, Patrick perhaps risked too much hoping to overtake the car in front of him but did not turn out as imagined. The Finish driver indeed hit Sa Silva's car and ended his race at the last curves of the first lap. It is a pity to have lost this occasion where Patrick could have obtained a good result and we are hoping that tomorrow will bring a come back race.

Final Position: OUT at the 1°lapStarting Position: P12

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