GP3: Trident Abu Dhabi Race 2 review

Car 23 - KANG LING

Race 2 again continued to be an adaption race to the one-seater for Kimi where indeed, the Chinese driver again during the Sprint Race, improved his race pace lap after lap and ended his race in the 17th position starting from the 20th. Kang Ling carried out a good start but at the first curve, he had to suddenly brake in order to avoid the contact of the cars in front of him where he there ruined his tires. This conditioned the evolution of the race which in any case remained good

Final Position: P17Starting Position: P20


Positioning himself in the back rows of the starting grid after the difficult result obtained in race 1, Ryan aimed to have the Sprint Race in recovery but instead the Irish driver ended his race due to a contact with another one-seater. Cullen's start was good and during the first moments of the race, Ryan was able to record constant laps, unfortunately however, only after two laps in Race 2, he was rear-ended and spinning was forced to end his race.

Final Position: DNFStarting Position: P19


Patrick brought to an end a good remounting race considering that he was forced to start from the pit lane due to the penalty endured in Race 1 and in any case, passed the chequered flag in the 15th position. After the start, Patrick was able to recover right from the start several position and various overtakes. After the second half of the race however, the Finnish driver began to complain about under-steering that brought him to maintain the position gained until the end without being able to recuperate other positions.

Final Position: P15Starting Position: Started from the PitLane

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