Roger Albert Clark Rally countdown

Crews and teams and now making final preparations for this year’s Roger Albert Clark Rally (28-30 November) and to mark the final week before the rally, we’ve asked a number of leading contenders for their thoughts about the coming event.We’ll publish one set of answers every day this week and we begin with Shropshire-based Alan Walker who starts at number 8 in his Ford Escort Mk2 with Jez Rogers on the maps for his first time on the rally.How tough will it be in Kielder? “It will be especially tough at night. The roads have fewer features than in Wales or other areas, so the fast stuff will be interesting.”

Who should be setting the pace? “Matt Edwards and Matt Robinson.”

Who will be the surprise of 2014? “Maybe one of the foreign Porsches as the cars are really suited to the fast stages.”

When will the rally be won and lost? With 90 miles on the Saturday you have to say by the Saturday night you will have a clear pattern, although with 60 miles on Sunday you will have chance to recover from a puncture or a minor off. Friday will be a night to lose it rather than win anything.”

Will the night stages be critical? “They will be even more critical this year as so much is in the dark. Knowledge of the stages will help too as so much time can be lost or gained being committed on the fast stuff. I’ve been eating carrots at every available opportunity to a point where the neighbours think my wife is living with a pony as we are having so many delivered!”

Who would I like to see win?“Julian Reynolds in the Fiat.”

Who do you think will win?“Matt Robinson: he has the commitment on the fast stuff.”