Roger Albert Clark Rally countdown, Darren Moon‏

Crews and teams and now making final preparations for this year’s Roger Albert Clark Rally (28-30 November) and to mark the final week before the rally, we’ve asked a number of leading contenders for their thoughts about the coming event.We’re publishing one set of answers every day this week and we continue with Yorkshireman Darren Moon who starts at number 6 in his Ford Escort Mk2 with former overall winning co-driver Phil Clarke alongside.How tough will it be in Kielder? “Kielder will be scary to say the least. Lots of blind crests and not many features to pick out in the dark, it will the bravest that wins in there.”

Who should be setting the pace? “I think we will have a few pacesetters: Nick Elliott, Matt Edwards, Matt Robinson, Paul Griffiths and maybe Seamus O’Connell. Whoever gets the early cushion will be best placed. I can see Matt Edwards setting off at a very fast pace just to put a marker down for the rest.”

Who will be the surprise of 2014? “For me it’s Rudi Lancaster, and that's before the events starts. I bought one of his MK2s back in the early 1990s and he was quick then, so let’s see. To be honest just seeing how the RAC has pulled him out of retirement is a good enough surprise.”

When will the rally be won and lost? “The first proper night stages are when it will be won or lost, I think.”

Will the night stages be critical? “The dark stages are so hard to judge as to how well you are going. It's always at the back of your mind that you could throw it all away by trying too hard. Then on the other hand, you could lose lots of time by driving at 90% because of the sheer pace of the front runners.”

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