MSA publishes list of acceptable stage rally tyres

The Motor Sports Association (MSA) has published an online guide to the tyres permitted for use on Special Stages on the Forestry Estate.

Stage Rally Tyre List 6: Registered Tyres Patterns applies to all Stage Rallies run to MSA Regulation R.1.4.1. It shows the registered patterns of all tyres on the list so that competitors and scruntineers alike can readily identify those eligible.

Mike Broad, Chairman of the MSA’s Stage Rally Tyre Working Group, said: “With the banning of tyre cutting for tyres on List 6 it is essential that the original moulded patterns are easily determined. The aim of the Working Group is to reach agreement with the tyre manufacturers for closer pattern tyres to reduce the damage to Forestry Roads and improve the sports sustainability for the future.”

Stage Rally Tyre List 6 : Registered Tyres Patterns is available on the MSA website: