Daniel Ricciardo concludes testing for Red Bull

Driver: Daniel RicciardoCar: RB10Laps: 87Best time: 1:46.078Circuit length: 5.554kmAs 2014 testing drew to close in Abu Dhabi, Daniel Ricciardo completed 87 laps of the Yas Marina Circuit before mechanical failure forced him to stop on track. With a little over two hours of the session remaining, and with the team needing time to analyse the problem, the decision was taken to halt running for the day.“Today was pretty good,” said Daniel. “Obviously we got cut short by a couple of hours and it would have been nice to finish the session, but we did a lot of laps and all of those were productive. There was a little bit of work with this year’s tyres and a bit with next year’s, trying to understand how those behave. We also did quite a few things on starts, trying to understand what’s happening there, which was positive. I felt pretty good in the car. It’s a good way to end the season, we achieved a lot. Now that’s it, a bit of time off and look forward to next season.”Race Engineering Co-ordinator Andy Damerum commented: “We put in 59 laps in the morning, which was good, and just as yesterday that provided an enormous amount of very useful data on tyres, some development things we’re running and on software updates we were trying. The afternoon was going the same way until we had the failure and Daniel was forced to stop on track. When we got the car back to the garage our initial investigations showed that it would take some time to be ready to go back out, so better to call a halt and have a proper look at the problem.”