Simon Andrew Tribute Calendar

British Superbike Racers have stripped off for a charity calendar in a bid to raise funds in memory of Evesham biker Simon Andrews.

The 2015 calendar shows famous faces from the biking world baring their chests in support of the popular Vale rider who died aged 31 on Monday 19th May this year, after crashing at the North West 200 Superstock road race in Northern Ireland on the 16th May.

Since losing Simon, his family have been determined to carry on his legacy and have been fundraising for a number of causes close to his heart. So far they have donated £5,000 to the Isle of Man Hyperbaric Chamber, a charity providing hyperbaric oxygen therapy for rehabilitation and nearly £4,000 to the air ambulance at Strensham.

The calendar will help to raise money for the Simon Andrews Trust, with £5 from each sale going to the fund, which will support injured riders with their rehabilitation.

Dee Andrews (Simon's Mother) - "Before my son died he was beginning to raise awareness of people in the sporting industry in general who were injured and often left to fund their own recovery."

Supported by Simon's father Stuart, sister Claire, whose idea it was for the calendar and his brother James, the funds raised will go towards supporting injured riders.

Simon's mother, Dee Andrews, says "We are also looking to raise the profile of organ donation," something her son was passionate about. "Simon was an organ donor and at his funeral we read a letter from the Organ Donor Association. It stunned the congregation as the letter listed the people that received the organs and told how their lives were before and how they were after the transplants. It was his wish and he felt passionately about it. It's comforting to think that my son can live on through helping others"

"I'm very proud of him. Simon had an amazing life; he travelled the world, met so many amazing people, he got to fly with the Red Arrows and made some wonderful friends. He lived life to the full and travelled more than a lot of people do in a lifetime and we just want to help support the things we know he was becoming more concerned about. He would be really proud because we are carrying the memory on and trying to improve things."

The calendars, which feature famous faces such as John McGuinness, Shakey Byrne, Michael Rutter, Tommy Bridewell and James Ellison, and have been produced by Feridax Shoei and are available online at

A tribute lap was done in honour of Simon at this year's TT which saw over 5,000 bikers take part. It was a testament to how respected and loved Simon is. Plans are in place for another tribute lap to take over from Mad Sunday at next year's TT, proceeds of this will go towards the Joey Dunlop Foundation and the Hyperbaric Chamber. The tribute lap will be a legacy to Simon and to all riders that have lost their lives to the sport they loved so much.

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