Trident GP2 testing review

TEST SESSION - 29th Nov 2014


Car #22 was entrusted for the third test day to Simon Trummer, Swiss driver already present in GP2 from 2012 that dedicated the morning session to the adaptation of his driving style to the Trident car in order to find the right feeling and following, work for the search for performance. In the first session, Simon put on new tires only for the last twenty minutes of the test and unfortunately was not able to improve his best time due to the massive traffic on the track closing the first part of the test in P19. In the afternoon, Trummer found a better feeling with the one-seater but unfortunately his performance was conditioned by an annoying pain in his leg that put him into difficulty in the search for the chronometric search finishing his test in P23. We would like to thank Simon for what he was able to carry out and hope to meet him soon in an optimal physical condition.

Result AM Session Day3: P19 with 1.50.672Result PM Session Day3: P23 with 1.50.436

Best Pos Day 3 P22LUIS SA SILVA

Luis Sa Silva, Angolan driver coming from GP3 took the wheel of the #23 car. The work concentrated on by the young driver and his technical staff was in particular to the adaption and familiarization of the one seater where the search for performance was set aside until Luis could find the right feeling with the car. The driver said to be happy with the improvement lap after lap, seeing the gap always smaller compared to the top positions. Luis closed the morning session in P23 and this afternoon in P22. We are satisfied with what was carried out by Luis who was able to listen and put into practice everything that was requested by his engineer.

Result AM Session Day3: P23 with 1.50.874Result PM Session Day3: P22 with 1.50.313

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