Trident GP3 test review


It ends with a great first lap position where the Italian driver was able to try different configurations but also aim the work on performance in order to bring the car to its limit and see how far it could be pushed. In the morning, Luca was not able to improve a whole lot with the new tyre and closed his test in P9, but in the afternoon session, he started right away with a top time in the classification, and was able to maintain the leadership ending the session in P1. We would like to thank Luca for the work carried out in these three test days in Abu Dhabi that were surely positive and fruitful in order to collect important data and information where the next work to be developed will be based on in preparation for the next 2015 season.

Result on AM Session: P9 with 1.55.836Result on PM Session: P1 with 1.55.134

Best Pos Day 3 P2ALEX PALOU

Returning to Trident after the second day stop, Alex Palou restarted the established work which began during the first test day in Abu Dhabi. In the morning, Alex quickly found once again the right feeling with the Trident car recording at the end of the session the deserved second place position. The good chronometric feedback was recorded with both the used and new tire. In the afternoon session however, something changed and the Catalan driver was not able to obtain a better time than the 8th place position and in addition was forced to driver the most part of the session with tires that were at their end. In any case, today some set up tests were brought to term in order to evaluate together with Alex if these modifications could improve the results. It is noteworthy the preparation and talent identified in this driver that with simplicity and precision was able to constantly maintain the top positions in the classification.

Result on AM Session: P2 with 1.55.590Result on PM Session: P8 with 1.55.446


The work carried out by Amaury Bonduel was in continuous growth today. The Trident technical staff is very satisfied regarding the work brought to term during this last test day on the Yas Marina circuit given that the only fifteen year old Amaury improved his time lap after lap being able to close the gap with respect to the rest of the drivers in the top of the classification. The gap at the end of the day was a little more than one second and in a competitive category such as GP3 it is not a lot. Bonduel ends in the 19th position in this last test day with Trident in the post-seasonal tests but the ability and competency acquired during these days will surely be of great importance for the rest of his formative route towards his growth as a professional driver.

Result on AM Session: P20 with 1.57.032Result on PM Session: P19 with 1.56.376

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