Javi Villa confirms his participation in the Maxi Endurance 32

Javi Villa, a young driver but with an extensive and international career, has confirmed his participation in the Maxi  Endurance 32 driving two different cars: a Norma entered by Team Icer Brakes and a Renault Clio III.

His list of triumphs is brilliant and successful. He has raced in almost every motorsport discipline, among them it is worth mentioning he claimed the Spanish F3 Junior championship four times starting in 2004; he was a BMW Sauber Formula  1 driver in 2007/08; MINI Challenge champion in 2010; he finished on the podium no less than 11 times, including three  wins, for the period 2007/09/10 and being the youngest race winner ever in the main Formula 1 feeder series, aged 19  years and 8 months; Villa also clinched a podium finish at Hungaroring during his WTCC campaign in 2011; “European  Nascar Junior Trophy 2012” champion; more recently, double Spanish hill-climbing champion in 2013/14.

Javi Villa has driven almost all types of racing cars, but endurance racing is a complete novelty to him.

Maxi  Endurance 32 will be his first experience with this demanding racing discipline. He approaches the century´s longest  race driving two different cars, as allowed by the organisers.

Javi Villa:

“I have decided to participate driving two different cars, to enhance the chance of success  winning the longest race in the world. Driving the Norma entered by Team Icer Brakes I want to win the overall  classification, and with the Renault Clio III my goal is the Maxi Touring class win”.

"I think the Clio III is an extremely reliable car and I want to be in the two cars in order to provide my sponsors with a world record.

Having won races in each and every championship, to achieve a world record would be the icing on the cake and I need to add to my list of triumphs, to open up doors for the specialty of endurance"

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