Ludo Racing takes the title again in 2014

The Ludo Racing team is more than ever a benchmark in many categories, nationally and internationally. In 2014, no fewer than four major races in Rotax and X30 were won by drivers under the leadership of Ludovic Veve: the French Championship in Rotax Max Senior and X30 (as in 2013), and also the X30 Challenge Europa and more recently at the Rotax Senior World Final. An impressive record, the result of a lot of work!

The Ludo Racing team finished the season as it began, with a victory in a popular international competition. "By the end of the winter, we were ready to deal calmly with the first meetings of the 2014 season," said Ludovic Veve. At Mariembourg, Vincent Fraisse managed his race perfectly to win the X30 Challenge Europa for the second consecutive year at the wheel of his Sodi. A few weeks later, it was the turn of Hubert Petit to make an impression. By becoming French Rotax Max Champion at Ostricourt, he demonstrated the competitiveness of Ludo Racing engines in a category where it is never easy to tell the difference.

Fraisse drives the point in Muret

In his workshop located close to Lyon, Ludovic Veve isn't resting on his laurels, continuing to work hard to continue development of the equipment. Between races, the test bench is often at full capacity and the efforts were not in vain. In the French X30 Senior Championship at Muret, Vincent Fraisse proved unbeatable, winning a sharp competition. "Since 2013, we have achieved the double in X30 Senior and Rotax Max nationally. That's four French Championships in two years, which is great!" Ludovic Veve rejoiced, truly able to master different engine brands, chassis and tyres to perfection.

The drive of the raceLudo Racing has also multiple good performances in Minime and Cadet with young drivers, and the engines are available to teams that want them. Thus Kevin Breysse from the Monaco team was on the third step of the podium of the X30 Senior International Final with IAME engines from the workshop of Ludovic Veve. That day, at the Le Mans circuit, Luca Midali managed a magnificent climb from 31st to 11th place in a strong class of 99 entries!

An end of season climax

Because of the reputation acquired over many years, Ludovic Veve was approached by the Gil family to work with Albert and Carlos in Spain. A beautiful and rewarding experience, which again ended with the National Rotax crown for Carlos Gil. Motivated by the running of the Rotax World Final in his country, in Valencia, Gil triumphed in Rotax Senior against more than 70 drivers from 43 different nationalities. With the second fastest lap in the dry and second after the heats, he confirmed his performance by winning in the rain in the final. "This race is special because everyone has the same equipment. So you have to work on multiple technical details, which is where we have made the difference," concluded the head of Ludo Racing, ready for yet more challenges in 2015 ...

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