ADAC GT Masters surpasses all previous viewing figures

Worldwide interest in TV coverage of the ADAC GT MastersRecord highs in transmission duration, number of programmes and global reachFans around the world were able to follow the ADAC GT Masters on TV in 2014

Worldwide interest in the 2014 ADAC GT Masters was higher than in any previous season. This year's Super Sports Cars League received more frequent and extensive international TV coverage than ever before. That includes duration of transmission, number of programme slots and size of audience. During the 2014 season, action from the ADAC GT Masters was screened in almost every country in the world. The series was broadcast live or 'live delayed' and in roundup format on 206 channels in 210 countries. Theoretical global coverage was increased by a further 3.96% to a new high of 1.4 billion households. Transmission duration was more than double that of 2013. A total of 2,021 hours from the 16 races last season have so far been shown, representing a 134% increase on the previous year. The ADAC GT Masters has thus continued to build on its existing popularity. By comparison with 2012, transmission time has quadrupled over the two-year period. The number of separate broadcasts has tripled since 2013. In all, 2,867 programmes featuring action from the ADAC GT Masters were broadcast worldwide. Viewing figures increased by 14.8%. The bulk of international TV coverage for the ADAC GT Masters continues to be in Europe. Around half of all programmes accounting for a good 75% of total transmission time went out in Europe. The ADAC GT Masters will also have a major TV presence in 2015 when its new exclusive partner SPORT1 shows all 16 races live and in full to fans watching at home in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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