Alex Yoong wins Audi R8 LMS Cup

The title decision in the Audi R8 LMS Cup remained thrilling up to the very end. In the season finale in Abu Dhabi, André Couto won the first race and bumped Alex Yoong from the top spot in the overall classification. In round two, the race driver from Macau started from the pole position and despite 60 kilos of additional weight fought a gripping duel with Yoong. After 15 fiercely fought race laps, Yoong crossed the finish line as the winner with a razor-thin margin ahead of Couto and celebrated his fifth single win.

Couto, however, thought he was the winner but the decision was only made after the race. The supposed champion received a 25-second time penalty for an overtaking maneuver that did not conform to the regulations and was classified only in ninth place. With a twelve-point advantage the former Formula One driver Yoong crowned himself as the new champion. Team Brothers Racing won the team championship.

A word from Alex Yoong

What was your sweetest moment in the Audi R8 LMS Cup season? What was a reason for disappointment?The sweetest experience, no doubt, was winning the title by taking victory in the last race. After my accident in Macau last year, it was a great relief to finally hold the trophy in my hands. I experienced my biggest disappointment in Shanghai when I slipped off the brake and hit Marchy (Lee). It took me a long time to get over this because I had thrown a good friend out of the race due to my mistake.What was the best strategy under the new rules for 2014?According to the new regulations the fastest lap in the first race decides the grid position for the second one. It was important to drive a fast lap in the first race, irrespective of what additional weight you’ve got. In many cases, I managed to do a good job of qualifying for the second race and to lay the foundation for my victories that way. In addition, I tried to make clever use of the push-to-pass function. The new rules make the races trickier; you’ve got to spend more time on thinking and working out a good strategy. How much did the pressure increase due to the new regulations and the strong competitors?Particularly at the start of the season there was no way of telling what effects the additional weight would have. But at the end of the year we had figured it out. The competition became fiercer due to a number of talented drivers. The Audi R8 LMS Cup has evolved into one of the leading racing series in Asia. That makes the title even more valuable. And I believe the competition will become even stronger next year.

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