Official 2014 ADAC GT Masters video game released

Now available to download for Windows computersDrive 19 different detailed super sports cars on eight different tracks

You too can race in the ADAC GT Masters: The 2014 ADAC GT Masters Experience race simulation is available to download in RaceRoom Racing Experience on STEAM gaming platform. This realistic racing simulation was developed by official ADAC GT Masters series partner RaceRoom together with Sector3 Studios AB and the ADAC Motorsport Department. In the 2014 ADAC GT Masters Experience, players can experience the Super Sports Car League virtually on the computer. 19 detailed and faithfully reproduced super sports cars from the 2014 season are in the line-up. A variety of cars from eleven teams - Audi R8, Chevrolet Camaro, Corvette, BMW Z4, McLaren 12C and Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG - can be raced on the eight tracks used for the 2014 ADAC GT Masters season. "It's great that, by working with RaceRoom Racing Experience, we've now also brought the ADAC GT Masters to the computer," said Christopher Speed, CEO at Sector3 Studios. "After our successful introduction of the GT3 racing cars, many fans asked us about doing the same for the ADAC GT Masters, and we are happy and proud to oblige." Lars Soutschka, ADAC Director Motorsport and Classic said: "Playing the 2014 ADAC GT Masters Experience, fans can not only be at the track but can even 'sit' in the car and experience the ADAC GT Masters unique racing atmosphere for themselves." It's not just the ADAC GT Masters cars and racetracks that have been faithfully copied, the game even follows the sporting regulations of the Super Sports Cars League with eight events and two races each time. As soon as a player heads for the pits to switch drivers, the virtual opponent's driving ability changes, making for an even greater challenge. Apart from going head-to-head in races against intelligent virtual opposition, players can pit their skill against other players from around the world in numerous online events. The 2014 ADAC GT Masters Experience has five different modes. In 'championship' mode, the player competes for the ADAC GT Masters title, as an 'online multiplayer', he can line up online against as many as 23 opponents. As a 'single player', the aim is to prove one's driving skill, competing against up to 23 virtual opponents on one of eight circuits from the 2014 season. In 'practice', players race against the clock to post the fastest lap time. In 'competition' mode, players participate in official online competitions against other ADAC GT Masters fans. The 2014 ADAC GT Masters Experience is now available on STEAM video gaming platform for Windows computers.

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