Get 'Slideways' on Lime Rock�s Winter Autocross Course

In what is a first for a Northeast U.S. motorsports venue, starting in January Lime Rock Park is offering Winter Autocross.

Lime Rock now has large-capacity snowmaking and grooming equipment and has scheduled Friday and Saturday winter autocross days.

The winter autocross days are open to any licensed driver.

“First and foremost, driving hard and getting ‘slideways’ in the snow is simply a whole bunch of fun,” said Lime Rock lead winter driving coach Stephan Bastrzycki. “Who among us hasn’t booted the tail out or hand-braked their car in a snowy parking lot somewhere?

“You don’t have to have any previous experience. Doing this under the watchful eyes of our instructors on Lime Rock’s autocross course, not only is it fun, thrilling and safe, but you cannot believe what you learn with regard to what we call ‘car control skills,’ which will make you a much better, safer driver on snow, ice, in the rain or in the dry,” Bastrzycki continued.

“Any vehicle – all-wheel-, rear-wheel- or front-wheel drive – can be driven quickly in the snow. We’ll teach those uninitiated in the fun of snow driving some specialized techniques appropriate to each vehicle type.”

The Winter Driving events – some people call them “snowcross” or “WAX” (winter autocross) – are held on Lime Rock’s 1,200-foot autocross course in the upper infield area. Three or four cars are sent out at a time, with appropriate spacing between each vehicle; there is no racing involved.

A luxury chalet provides a warm respite for restroom breaks as well as snacks, coffee, hot chocolate and beverages. We keep a bonfire going at the autocross staging area, too.

Lime Rock’s Winter Autocross facility is the direct result of requests by the members of the private Lime Rock Drivers Club (LRDC). One of its newest members, realizing he could help bring this to fruition, connected us with the right experts and equipment to make it happen. The Winter Autocross facility was created primarily for the Lime Rock Drivers Club, which has graciously opened it up for use by non-members in between the private LRDC days.

(For information about the Lime Rock Drivers Club, contact LRDC Sales Director Mike Briskie at or 603.479.1013.)

The winter autocross events will be similar to Lime Rock’s Summer Open Autocross Days. The 2013 and 2014 Open Autocross seasons saw more than 500 drivers – from teens to seniors – experience the fun and excitement of driving as fast as they can in a fun, safe and controlled environment.

Now you can do it all winter long thanks to schedulable, weather-independent snowmaking at Lime Rock Park.

The cost is $300 per driver and includes coaching from professional winter driving instructors.

Lime Rock Winter Open Enrollment Autocross Days:Friday, January 9Saturday, January 10Friday, January 23Saturday, January 24Friday, January 30Saturday, January 31Friday, February 6Saturday, February 7Friday, February 20Saturday, February 21Friday, February 27Saturday, February 28Friday, March 6Saturday, March 7

You can make your online reservation and purchase Open Enrollment Winter Autocross tickets now. If you have questions, our Winter Autocross Specialists will be back in the office beginning Monday, January 5 (860.435.5000), and you can email us at