Lowest mileage Porsche 964 RS

Lowest mileage Porsche 964 RS

Is it? - anyone know of one with less mileage?

In what has been a banner year for anything air-cooled with an RS badge - Hexagon Classics who have sold 2.7 RS's, 4.0 GT3 RS's and some other decent Pork this year - have introduced this 3000 mile RHD 964 RS into stock.

One can probably assume that this has "Hong Kong Porsche collector" written all over it. Downside is that with this mileage you would be reluctant to use it and add mileage - but in the scheme of things to the guy who can afford this and add to probable collection already including 2.7 RS's etc - this is not big bucks - and in years to come RHD example with such low mileage is going to be hugely desirable as an "investment commodity" - which is a shame - but also reality.

Of the 1992 lighweight and touring 964 RS models made - only 72 RHD examples were made. If you think of the RS benchmark - the 2.7 RS - having a production run of 1580 - the 964 RS still has some headroom - and at fraction over half the price of a mint 2.7 RS Touring - this is probably the market price today for one of - if not the - lowest mileage example in existence.

It is in a saleable colour - and having seen the car can confirm it is effectively new - which for the hilarious level of anorak behaviour which inhabits this market these days is going to help it find a new custodian.

Funny - when these were new - these were regarded as compromised hard riding bitches with overly stiff suspension which were flawed for use on compromised UK B roads. Having a version with even stiffer rose jointed Cup suspension - I can confirm they are laughably non-compliant. They are also a riot to drive - the 964 RS is the same width as an old 911 2.7 RS - perfect for todays narrow country lanes and parked next to a modern bloater 991 - a lithe and deliciously compact pure scalpel-sharp driving tool.

Lets hope the next owner of the Hexagon 964 RS is an enthusiast - as well as an investor - and gets to the give the car a good spanking!

Happy New Year!

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