Early crash dashes Tutumlu's hopes in Dubai

Isaac Tutumlu had a bad crash after losing car control due to oil stain and with no slippery flag waved by marshals in Dubai yesterday. Tutumlu was taking part in one of the qualifying sessions for the 24 hours of Dubai. Tutumlu, despite minor physical discomfort, walked away uninjured but the Ferrari 458 GT3 entered by Glorax Racing was badly damaged and they won't able to take part in today's race.

Tutumlu, who driving the car shared with Andrey Birzhin Alexandrovich, Dimitris Deverikos, Rino Mastronardi and Gabriele Lancieri andplaced on top during the private test session. He was on his flying lap and, when braking, lost car control and bumped into another car at 200km/h.

“It is so sad that our adventure in the 24 hours of Dubai has come to an end in this way. My accident was massive and I really thank God that our Ferrari is a very safe car. It and my physical training prevented me from getting badly injured. I have minor scratches in my arm and leg and back pain. As a consequence of oil on track I braked as always but the car went into a skid and, going backwards, I collided with another car. The driver is OK too. On that flying lap I would have classified into the top-5, not bad considering drivers such as Bleekemolen, Schneider, Ragginer or Mücke are here.

He added “I cannot fail to underscore and express appreciation for the support of Korek Telecom, the Barzani family and Kurdistan. Before long we will announce our racing program for 2015. It will be a world class program and for this reason we are in talks with different teams backed by factories”.

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