The 360 Motor Racing Club announces calendar for 2015

The club, which holds its annual six-hour endurance race for production saloons and GTs, is set to hold endurance races at several key UK circuits throughout the year.

Dates are confirmed for April, July, August, September and October with the possibility of an event in May, yet to be confirmed.

Claire Smith, chairwoman of the club explains: "We are very excited about this season; it sees us enter a new chapter in the club's evolution, but also a new chapter in the story of endurance motor racing in the UK."

We were asked to be the organising club for the new Endurance Racing Series, to organise their Series for GT3-type and GT4-type modern racers, which we are delighted to do. We have a proven track record in organising these types of events, so not only is it a chance to see more great endurance racing in this country which we love, but it also gives us a unique opportunity to provide our customers with support endurance races."

"Because The Endurance Racing Series is for higher-end, more powerful cars, they obviously wanted their own races for like-type cars, but we also knew that our existing customers - who like the 360's easy feel and open entry - also want more endurance racing from us, so it gave us a chance to create a calendar, whereby we have races for the ERS and also support races for our existing 'All-comers' formats."

The list of events is below


:: 3-hour for The Endurance Racing Series

:: 3-hour for The 360-type Allcomers


:: The Independence Day 360 6-hour

:: 6-hour for The 360-type Allcomers

:: 40-min Continental Breakfast Sprint


:: 3-hour for The Endurance Racing Series


:: 3-hour for The Endurance Racing Series

:: 3-hour for The 360-type Allcomers

17 September - SILVERSTONE GP

:: 2-hour for The Endurance Racing Series


:: 2-hour for The Endurance Racing Series

31 October - MALLORY PARK

:: 3 x 1-hour for The 360-type Allcomers

John Smith from 360 explains the club's move to multiple events: "We know how to organise great Endurance races, as we have proved with the six-hour and also the two-hour at Brands Hatch in 2012. This is the next step to provide our customers with the sort of endurance racing that they want. I'm personally really excited about working with The Endurance Racing Series, but also with the various circuits that I know and love so very well - it is a case of MORE Endurance Racing. . .as it should be."

For the Endurance Racing Series, the club as an organiser also travels to the infamous Spa-Francorchamps. "We as individuals are very familiar with Spa, having provided support at Master Racing for the six hours there, so we are really looking forward to returning there; it's one of my favourite circuits."

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