New classic bike championship for F1 and F2 Motorcycles

After many requests from sponsors, Auto 66 Club and PMH Promotions Ltd have put together the UK F1 and F2 series for 2015. The event will be run over 11 rounds, with the best 10 to count. Riders may also use the Classic TT towards their points which will be given after they have submitted their result in the event, as this is a stand-alone event and does not come under our possible sponsorship deals.

Classic Formula 1

Up to 1300cc, air cooled 4-stroke machines 01/01/1973 – 31/12/1986

Up to 1300cc, liquid/air cooled 4-stroke machines 01/01/1973 – 31/12/1986

700cc – 750cc 4-stroke, 4 cylinder machines 01/01/1987 – 31/12/1992

Up to 1000cc 4-stroke, 2 & 3 cylinder machines and Norton rotary-engined machines

01/01/1987 – 31/12/1992

Classic Formula 2

Up to 750cc 4-stroke, 2 cylinder machines 01/01/1973 – 31/12/1986Up to 600cc 4-stroke, 4 cylinder machines 01/01/1973 – 31/12/1986

126cc-350cc 2 stroke machines 01/01/1968 – 31/12/1992

Prize money will be set by the organizing clubs but the promoters have set aside £3000 minimum for the end of series top three in each class including trophies.

Supplementary regulations for most of the meetings will be available in the next couple of weeks by contacting the circuit office on 01723 373000 or

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