RYE House Stadium and the club ownership have been sold to local businessman Warren Scott.The former British Superbike Championship rider and current owner/driver of BMR Racing in the British Touring Car Championship has confirmed long-serving Rockets supremo Len Silver will remain in charge of the Premier League team, whilst Silver’s son Andrew will take a more day-to-day management role in addition to running the Raiders in the National League.Scott said: “As a local employer there are many areas where we can add value and make a difference to the speedway. “This is more than just business for me, I have a deep seated interest in bikes and a passion which I am sure can make a valuable contribution to the legacy of Rye House Stadium.”Andrew Silver added: “Rye's speedway fraternity have hit the jackpot. I could not have dreamed for anyone more suitable to take the club forward and cannot wait for the season to start.”(SPEEDWAY 2)

LEN Silver has confirmed he will retain full involvement in Rye House Speedway despite the sale of the stadium and club.Silver handed over the reins at Hoddesdon after new owner Warren Scott chose to extend his motorsport interests having tried speedway at a training school.Silver said: “For those who consider that this heralds a slackening of my own interest and involvement, then I have news for you. I am as keen now as I have ever been and my arrangement with Warren is that I will continue to run Rye House Speedway for as long as I am fit enough to do so. “I will continue to prepare the track as always, and with John Sampford as my right hand, will organise the Rockets to the best of my ability. I am most fortunate that at the age of 83 I am still able to do all these tasks, and indeed during this winter demonstrated that I can still ski 4,000 feet vertical without stopping to take breath. So, if you think I'm on the way out - think again!”

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