V8 Ute Clipsal 500 Fast Facts

About the Track:The Adelaide Parklands, Clipsal 500 track is 3.22km.The track runs in a clockwise directionThe average speed of a V8 Ute around the track is: 121kph.Between turn 8 and 9 V8 Utes are likely to get up to and over 170kph.Over the past 14 years, the V8 Utes have raced 279 laps around Adelaide Parklands and a total of 898.38km.

1) This is the 15th year the V8 Utes have competed at the Adelaide Parklands track. The first in 2001 was the V8 Utes Inaugural year. In 2010, the Series celebrated its 10th appearance at the Clipsal 500 and held a “Ten Years of Legends” feature race. The race consisted of a two driver format, with each round driver partnering with a legend; drivers included Cameron McConville, Paul Morris, Steve Owen, Tony Longhurst, world record setting stunt riding extraordinaire Robbie Madison and Steven Bradbury – Australia’s first ever Winter Olympic Gold Medallist. The Sunny Cowgirls performed in the V8 Ute Paddock.

2) Kris Walton holds the current lap record, which he set in Race 2 last year in a time of 1:35.6939. He smashed David Sieders 2013 record by almost 1 second; and was the first driver to go under 1:36. Sieders and Wayne Wakefield were the only other two drivers to also hit the 1:35’s.

Sieders held the lap record in both 2013 (1:36.0919) and 2011 in Race 3. The record has been broken every year since 2011 all by Fords. The last Holden to hold the lap record was two-time V8 Ute Champion Grant Johnson who broke it in 2010.

Rod Wilson set the first lap record in his Holden V8 Ute at the Clipsal 500 in 2001, which was broken by 1 second at the end of the weekend by Damien “Ice” White in a Ford, with a time of 1:46.25. Rival Warren “Rockdog” Luff broke Whites record the following year in a Holden, also in 2003 in a Ford, until Gary Baxter took it back again on the same weekend for Holden. Baxter held the lap record until 2005 when White reclaimed it for himself and Ford.

All up, Holden has held the Lap record for six years and Ford for seven. The V8 Utes are over 10 seconds faster now than when they first hit the track 14 years ago.

3) David “Sideways” Sieders was the first driver to claim the ARMOR ALL Pole Award at the Clipsal 500 three times in a row (2010, 2011 and 2012). Unfortunately, he missed out on making it four losing it to Nathan Pretty in 2013, however he reclaimed the title last year as well as the record and will be hoping to make this his fifth Pole Award at the event.

5) Damien White has been on podium the most amount of times - five out of the six years he raced the V8 Utes. White drove both a Ford and a Holden at Clipsal but only made it on the podium with a Ford. However, Ford has only won six times at Clipsal compared to Holden who have won seven. David Sieders has won the event the most amounts of times three in total, 2010, 2011 and 2013.

6) Six out of the 32 driver line-up have former V8 Supercar experience including: Andrew Fisher, Ryan Hansford, David Sieders, George Miedecke, Ryal Harris, and Kim Jane.

7) There will be a tough Rookie line-up this year with local lad Jordan Skinner, Victorian Leigh Nicolaou and 17year old Mason Barbera. Barbera is the youngest driver to ever compete in the V8 Ute Racing Series when he debuted at the Sydney round in December last year.

24 year old Nicolaou debuted at the Bathurst 1000 last year with Murphy Motorsport and this will be the former go Karter’s first outing at the Clipsal 500.

Jordan Skinner will drive full-time with Sieders Racing this year in David Sieders former #8 Ford. The 21 year old raced previously raced in the Formula 3 Championship and the 2010 British Formula Ford Championship. He is also a singer/songwriter just recently releasing his debut single “Whole way through”, which he will perform at the V8 Ute Launch on Thursday, 26th February at the Belgian Beer Café.

Skinner debuted at the Clipsal 500 last year and unfortunately didn’t make a race, writing his Ute off in an incident with Cam Wilson in Qualifying.

8) South Australian locals include Just Car Racing’s Craig Dontas, Ford driver, Noel “Sledge” Edge, Jordan Skinner and Charlie “Handlebars” Kovacs will return in his RED Express / Air Road Holden.

Dontas also works for the Clipsal 500 as the Business Development Manager and stood on podium last year placing 2nd overall for the round. He will drive with Kim Jane and Adam Marjoram in the Erebus Motorsport team this year.

9) Charlie Kovacs and Cam Wilson have both made it into the Guinness World Record Book. Kovacs holds the record for towing a caravan at over 200kph and Cam Wilson recently set his second World Record, his first last year for the fastest distance travelled in a Go Kart in 24 hours - solo and this time he joined forces with his Slideways staff to set the record for the longest distance travelled in a Go Kart in 24 Hours – team.

Wilson set the record last week at his Slideways Gold Coast Karting centre to raise funds and awareness for Huntington’s disease, a hereditary disease, which took the life of his father last year.

10) Two drivers will change their preference of car number and Ute Model this year including George Miedecke who will move back to a Ford and to #35 while David Sieders will move to a Holden and #3.

11) 19 of the drivers have raced a V8 Ute at Clipsal before. Including; Noel Edge, David Sieders, Adam Marjoram, Peter Burnitt, Jordan Skinner, Ryan Hansford, Jeremy Gray, Andrew Fisher, Cam Wilson, Craig Dontas, Rhys McNally, Kim Jane, Gerard McLeod, Kris Walton, Danny Buzadzic, Charlie Kovacs, George Miedecke, Ryal Harris and Troy Dontas who will join identical twin Craig on the field for the third time.

12) Drivers racing at the Clipsal 500 in a V8 Ute for the first time include; Adam Beechey and Andrew Nickolls, who will run a two-car team with Team Kleen Racing, Richard Mork, a former 1980’s Laser driver whose main claim to fame was turning around a young first time rookie called Mark Skaife, whilst going up the hill at Amaroo Park in Sydney, and Bruce Oaklands, who will join the Sieders Racing camp in his newly purchased Ben Dunn’s Ford.

13) The V8 Ute Racing Series will launch their first App, which will feature a special 'Find your Friend' application as well the ability to find important locations, eg. The V8 Ute Paddock, on and off-track driver signing session locations and the Official V8 Ute Launch in Adelaide.

The App will have direct links to the V8 Ute Results, live racing through Fox Sports, Driver Profiles, News and Social Media channels.

The Official V8 Ute Racing App will be available to purchase for 0.99c at the first Round of the 2015 Australian V8 Ute Racing Series.

14) TV Exposure: In 2015, all V8 Ute practice, qualifying sessions and races will be broadcast live across a combination of the Fox Sports and TEN platforms, with digital coverage through Foxtel Go. International coverage has been extended to include over 40 countries.

Please find below the full Round 1 V8 Ute schedule:Thursday, 27th February Practice 1 9:00amThursday, 27th February Practice 2 12:10pmThursday, 27th February Qualifying 5:20pmFriday, 28th February Race 1 2:25pmSaturday, 1st March Race 2 9:25amSunday, 2nd March Race 3 10:50am

POINTS SYSTEM:There will be a total of 143 points up for Grabs at this year’s Clipsal 500.Qualifying – 3 points to the winner of the Armor All Pole AwardRace 1 – no points issued (qualifying race)Race 2 – 70pointsRace 2 – 70 points

About the Qualifying Format: 30 minute session will be a two-tier format, with the final ten minutes allocated to a top two shootout. The fastest Ford and the fastest Holden will battle it out in a one lap dash. The winner will receive three series points and a $1000 cheque thanks to ARMOR ALL, with no other points allocated to the session.

The grid for Race 1 will be set from Qualifying times, however one side of the grid will be Ford only and the other side Holden, the fastest overall qualifier will determine which manufacturer lines up behind the pole sitter. No points will be allocated to this race. Race 2 and Race 3 grids will be progressive and full points will be allocated.

Past winners of the Clipsal 500 V8 Ute Events2014 David “Sideways” Sieders (Ford FG)2013 Nathan “Nitrous” Pretty (Holden VE)2012 Kris “Killa” Walton (Ford FG)2011 David “Sideways” Sieders (Ford BF)2010 David “Sideways” Sieders (Ford BF)2009 Gary “Chucky” Baxter (Holden VE)2008 Grant “Grunta” Johnson (Holden VE)2007 Jack “The Hustler” Elsegood (Ford BF)2006 Grant “Grunta” Johnson (Holden VY)2005 Marcus “Mayhem” Zukanovic (Ford AU)2004 Charlie “Handlebars” Kovacs (Holden VY)2003 Gary “Chucky” Baxter (Holden VU)2002 Warren “Rockdog” Luff (Holden VU)2001 Gary “Macca” MacDonald (Holden VU)

Podium Finishes & Race wins2014 Podium1st David “Sideways” Sieders2nd Craig “Thirsty” Dontas3rd Wayne “Wahoo” Wakefield2014 RacesQualifying: David SiedersRace 1: David SiedersRace 2 Wayne “Wahoo” WakefieldRace 3: David “Sideways” Sieders

2013 Podium1st Nathan “Outlaw” Pretty2nd Andrew “Fishtail” Fisher3rd Rhys “Stormin” McNally|2013 RacesQualifying: Nathan “Outlaw” PrettyRace 1: Nathan “Outlaw” PrettyRace 2: Andrew “Fishtail” FisherRace 3: Nathan “Outlaw” Pretty

2012 Podium1st Kris “Killa” Walton2nd Ryal “The Kid” Harris3rd Andrew “Fishtail” Fisher2012 RacesQualifying: David “Sideways” SiedersRace 1: Andrew “Fishtail” FisherRace 2: Kris “Killa” WaltonRace 3: Kris “Killa” Walton

2011 Podium1st David “Sideways” Siders2nd Ryal “The Kid” Harris3rd Chris “Gypsy” Pither2011 RacesQualifying: David “Sideways” SiedersRace 1: David “Sideways” SiedersRace 2: Gary “Chaos” CarsonRace 3: David “Sideways” Sieders

2010 “Ten Years of Legends Race”1st Jeremy “Shades of” Gray & NASCAR legend George “Slick” Miedecke2nd Andrew “Fishtail” Fisher & Rally Legend Rick “The Disciple” Bates3rd David “Sideways” Sieders & FPV Legend Rod “Rocket” Barrett2010 Round Podium1st David “Sideways” Sieders2nd Andrew “Fishtail” Fisher3rd Jack “The Hustler” Elsegood2010 Round RacesQualifying: David “Sideways” SiedersRace 2: David “Sideways” Sieders

2009 Podium1st Gary “Chucky” Baxter2nd Ryal “The Kid” Harris3rd Kim “The Assassin” Jane2009 RacesQualifying: Gary “Chucky” BaxterRace 1: Gary “Chucky” BaxterRace 2: Ryal “The Kid” HarrisRace 3: Ryal “The Kid” Harris

2008 Podium1st Grant “Grunta Johnson2nd Layton “Leadfoot” Crambrook3rd George “Slick” Miedecke2008 RacesQualifying: Grant “Grunta JohnsonRace 1: Grant “Grunta JohnsonRace 2: Gary “Macca” MacDonaldRace 3: Layton “Leadfoot” Crambrook

2007 Podium1st Jack “The Hustler” Elsegood2nd Grant “Grunta” Johnson3rd Darren “Chicken” Palmer2007 RacesQualifying: Ryal “The Kid” HarrisRace 1: Layton “Leadfoot” CrambrookRace 2: Jack “The Hustler” ElsegoodRace 3: Jack “The Hustler” Elsegood

2006 Podium1st Grant “Grunta” Johnson2nd Damien "Ice" White3rd Kerry "Sand Gropper" Wade2006 RacesQualifying: Grant “Grunta” JohnsonRace 1: Grant “Grunta” JohnsonRace 2: Marcus “Mayhem” ZukanovicRace 3: Grant “Grunta” Johnson

2005 Podium1st Marcus "Mayhem" Zukanovic2nd Damien "Ice" White3rd Kerry "Sand Gropper" Wade2005 RacesQualifying: Gary “Chucky” BaxterRace 1: Allan SimonsenRace 2: Marcus “Mayhem” ZukanovicRace 3: Marcus “Mayhem” Zukanovic

2004 Podium1st Charlie "Handlebars" Kovacs2nd David "Schmacko" Griffin3rd Gary "Chucky” Baxter2004 RacesQualifying: Glen “Bad Boy” BarnesRace 1: David "Schmacko" GriffinRace 2: Glen “Bad Boy” BarnesRace 3: Jack “The Hustler” Elsegood

2003 Podium1st Gary "Chucky" Baxter2nd Damien "Ice" White3rd Charlie "Handlebars" Kovacs2003 RacesQualifying: Warren “Rock Dog” LuffRace 1: Gary “Chucky” BaxterRace 2: Grant ParkRace 3: Gary “Chucky” Baxter

2002 Podium1st Warren "Rock Dog" Luff2nd Mick "The Don" Donaher3rd Damien "Ice" White2002 RacesQualifying: Warren “Rock Dog” LuffRace 1: Warren “Rock Dog” LuffRace 2: Grant “Mad Dog” DenyerRace 3: Warren “Rock Dog” Luff

2001 Podium1st Gary "Macca" MacDonald2nd Gary "Growler" Young3rd Damien "Ice" White2001 RacesRace 1: Rod “Redline” WilsonRace 2: Damien “Ice” WhiteRace 3: Gary “Macca” MacDonald

Armor All Pole Award Winners2014 – David “Sideways” Sieders2013 – Nathan “Outlaw” Pretty2012 – David “Sideways” Sieders2011 - David “Sideways” Sieders2010 – David “Sideways” Sieders2009 – Gary “Chucky” Baxter2008 – Grant “Grunta” Johnson2007 – Ryal “The Kid” Harris2006 – Grant “Grunta” Johnson2005 – Gary “Chucky” Baxter2004 – Glen “Bad Boy” Barnes2003 – Warren “Rockdog” Luff2002 – Warren “Rockdog” Luff2001 – Damien “Ice” White (by random Ballot Draw)

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