Barzani Racing ceases motorsport activities for 2015

Isaac Tutumlu, the first motorsport representative from Kurdistan is looking for alternatives for upcoming 2015 season.

Barzani Racing Team, the GT team defending the Kurdish colors at racing tracks all over the globe – from Daytona to Dubai, from Silverstone to Nurburgring -  must stop their racing activities due to difficult political situation in the Middle East.

The crisis triggered by ISIS in the area has got every country in a very tight corner.

 Kurdistan, with  most economic activity concentrated in Bagdad, is almost crippled. As a result, Barzani Racing Team can't continue competing at the highest level due to a lack of funding.

 Isaac Tutumlu - the first and main Kurdish sportsman - has expressed “my gratitude to Kurdistan and its companies supporting me in motorsport in recent years. It is such a pity that at this stage at least we are forced to stop our racing activities.

"Motorsport turned into an international showcase for Kurdistan, but without financial backing this adventure can't go on and now I have to consider my options.

"I have received some interesting proposals, some from official teams, for the FIA WEC and the Blancpain Endurance Series. I am a Silver driver according the FIA but I proved to be as fast as Gold or Platinum drivers which has drawn the attention of several team managers and I have much to offer in terms of driving skills.

"Now Ineed to work on these options and decide which one is the best for my career”.

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